De-stress Scalp Massager

De-stress Scalp Massager

De-stress | Promotes Hair Growth | Improves Blood circulation
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Take your hair care to the next level with the game-changing De-Stressing Scalp Massager that breathes new life into your hair, leaving them looking healthy. The hair care tool is suitable for all hair types.

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Why should you buy?


A de-stressed scalp is essential to improve scalp health, which in turn is crucial for healthy, shiny, and lively hair. The calm and relaxing feeling is an added bonus!

Promotes Hair Growth

Regular scalp massage is beneficial for hair follicles and thus promotes hair growth. With its gentle bristles and a sturdy handle that grips well, you’ll be hooked to using this massager every day!

Improves Blood Circulation

A gentle but effective scalp massage is not only relaxing but also improves blood circulation in the scalp which plays a direct role in achieving better hair health.


Stainless Steel The De-Stress Scalp Massager is made of stainless steel that keeps it rust-free upon contact with water. The massager’s bristles are gentle & the heads are soft-tipped for safe and relaxing usage.

How to use

Step 1:
Take the De-Stress Scalp Massager to gently massage the scalp in circular motions.

Step 2:
Apply medium pressure to release stress.

Step 3:
Carry out the massage in small motions to avoid hair tangling. Use as and when desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the De-Stress Scalp Massager good for my hair?

The De-Stress Scalp Massager is relaxing to use and it promotes hair growth by stimulating the scalp. In addition, it also helps improve scalp health and increase blood circulation which further leads to healthy hair. The scalp massager can exfoliate your scalp, help in clearing debris and dandruff and increasing follicle circulation. It can definitely help in fighting stress and tension.

The De-Stress Scalp Massager is made of stainless steel that keeps it rust-free upon contact with water. The head massager’s bristles are gentle and the heads are soft tipped for safe and relaxing usage.

No, the massager’s bristles are gentle & the heads are soft-tipped for safe and relaxing usage. While massaging your scalp make sure that you use light to medium pressure. Carry out a soothing massage in circular motions to avoid any breakage or irritation on your scalp.

The De-Stress Scalp Massager is suitable for all hair types. The scalp massager stimulates better blood circulation in your scalp and thus improves hair growth and thickness. It also removes product buildup and excess oil from the scalp. It provides a wide range of benefits and is thus useful to everyone.

A gentle but effective head scalp massager not only improves hair health but also reduces stress, leaving you calm and relaxed. It helps the stimulation of the nerves and blood vessels beneath your scalp and calms the muscle tension around your head. De-stressing the scalp is beneficial for the hair follicles and helps to maintain scalp health which in turn promotes better hair growth.

mCaffeine’s De-Stress Scalp Massager is an excellent head massager for hair growth. The massager’s gentle and soft-tipped bristles evenly cover the scalp and stimulate the hair roots which in turn promotes faster hair growth. The head scalp massager also improves blood circulation, this plays a direct role in achieving better hair health.

No, the De-Stress Scalp Massager does not cause hair loss. In fact, the gentle scalp massager brush is effective in promoting hair growth as it stimulates the hair follicles and improves blood circulation for overall scalp and hair health. However, If someone is suffering from mental strain, chemotherapy, ill health and prolonged medical treatment, you will find a lot of hair coming off even during a hair wash.

A massage with the De-Stress Scalp Massager should last between a minute to five minutes. While washing your hair, a minute to two-minute-long scalp massage is enough to remove impurities and product build-up. The hair scalp massager has soft-tipped bristles that won’t feel harsh on the scalp and will get you feeling calm & relaxed. Use your finger to apply low to medium pressure while massaging your scalp in circular motions.

The De-Stress Scalp Massager can be used whenever you wish to take a moment to relax and massage your scalp to release tension. The head scalp massager is also a great combo to use with hair oil for added stimulation and relaxation. Regularly using the massager every day promotes hair growth and results in a healthy scalp & hair.

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Murchhana Banerjee

De-stress Scalp Massager

Best product

Best qualitys... awesome..very nice

Ayush Mishra

Very good product

Vartika Singh

De-stress Scalp Massager

Arsh Multani

De-stress Scalp Massager

Shirish Patel

De-stress Scalp Massager