Welcome to the Club!

We've got lots of fun insider perks in store for your good addictions. Earn reward points every time you place a prepaid order on our website. The more you shop with us, the better it gets!

Earn Meter

₹1 Spent = 1 Bean Coin

Burn Meter

10 Bean Coins = Discount of ₹1

Burn Your Bean Coins

Redeem your coins for rewards!

Exciting Discounts

Turn your bean coins into discounts, 10 coins = Discount of Re. 1

Irresistible Freebies

Burn your bean coins by picking your favourite product

Amazing Mini-brews

Choose your favourite miniature/s by redeeming your coins

Club Spotlight

I – Coffee Lover

0 – 4999 coins

Every user who signs up for the Caffeine Club Rewards Program becomes a Coffee Lover.

II – Coffee Addict

5000 & more coins

When a Caffeinator earns 5000 bean coins or more, they get upgraded to the Coffee Addict category.

Caffeine Club Rewards Benefits

Coffee Lover
Coffee Addict

Spend per calendar year

₹ 0-4999
₹ 5000+

Coins per Re.1 spent on prepaid orders


Redeem bean coins at discount to avail FREE products

10% Discount
50% Discount

FREE Shipping on all orders


FREE Expedited shipping


Early access to new products


Toll free priority customer service


Ways to Earn Bean Coins

Get rewarded by completing the tasks below

500 Coins

Account Sign up

1 Bean Coin

1₹ Spent on Prepaid Orders

50 Coins

Like FB Page

50 Coins

Follow on Instagram

500 Coins

Update Birthday

3X Coins

Festivals & Special Events

1000 Coins

Refer & Win


What is the Caffeine Club Rewards Program?

Caffeine Club Rewards is a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program by mCaffeine that rewards its users for being loyal Caffeinators. Here, users can earn bean coins against every prepaid order made on the website.

Can I Earn Bean Coins on COD (Cash on Delivery) Orders?

No. The placement of prepaid orders makes you eligible to earn bean coins. Users placing a COD order shall not be entitled to earn them.

How do I Earn Bean Coins?

A bean coin is earned on every rupee spent on prepaid orders. In order to earn bean coins, you must be signed in to your account. Additional bean coins can be earned through various activities outlined above.

How to redeem bean coins at discount and avail FREE products?

The Caffeinators are entitled to avail free products only when a paid product needs to be added in order to avail the free product in exchange for bean coins at up to a 50% discount. For example, a Coffee Lover will receive a 10% discount, while a Coffee Addict will get a 50% discount. For instance, to avail a FREE product worth Rs. 500, the user will have to redeem 5000 bean coins. However, a Coffee Addict will only need to burn 2500 bean coins, whereas a Coffee Lover will redeem 4500 bean coins..

Which Tier do I Belong Upon Sign Up?

Upon enrollment, all members automatically qualify for Tier I (Coffee Lover), until the Caffeinators earn 5000 bean coins to reach Tier II (Coffee Addict).

Do My Bean Coins Expire?

Yes, coins expire within 12 months of your latest purchase, if you do not make another purchase or complete any more activities after the date of your last purchase. Eg. If the last purchase was made on October 30, 2021, and no purchase or activities were made thereafter, the coins will expire on October 30, 2022.

What Happens to My Bean Coins When My Order is Cancelled or Changes are Made?

If you cancel an order and change it, the bean coins earned will be adjusted based on the final activity. Eg: In case, you have earned 1000 bean coins on an order which you cancel later, the freshly earned coins will be deducted from your total. Similarly, if you changed your order of a product worth 500 bean coins to another one worth 600 bean coins, the additional 100 coins will be credited to your account.

Where Can I Find My Rewards?

You will find your latest offers and rewards on the Rewards page after you log into your mCaffeine membership account. Please note that once you redeem a discount or reward, it cannot be returned or reused. If you return an item, the coins you earned from that item will be deducted from your coins balance.

Can I Turn My Bean Coins into Cash?

No. Your bean coins are non-transferable, non-redeemable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable for cash. They can be redeemed only against the attractive offerings listed above.

Loyal to Good Addictions?

If you’re loyal to the Good Addictions, then you’ve got to be rewarded! So sign up for the Caffeine Club Rewards right away and let them beans treat you.