10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub - 120 g

10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub - 120 g

Reduces Ingrown Hair | Exfoliates & Smoothes Skin | Reduces Tan
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The perfect blend of 10% AHA (Lactic Acid & Glycolic Acid) & Green Tea in this creamy Body Scrub helps reduce ingrown hair, tan, and rough skin. Glycolic Acid exfoliates the skin’s surface to remove ingrown hair, dead skin and pigmentation while Lactic Acid reduces bumps, dark patches & tan. Together they leave the skin soft & smooth. Antioxidant-rich Green Tea keeps hydration in check while also reducing acne and acne marks. Its soothing properties ensure your skin is non-irritated while its refreshing aroma leaves you feeling fresh & charged up after every use!

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Why should you buy?

Reduces Ingrown Hair

Clogged pores lead to ingrown hair— 10% AHA in this body scrub gently unclogs the pores & reduces ingrown hair with regular use. How? Glycolic Acid gently removes rough & dead skin cells from skin’s surface, whereas Lactic Acid exfoliates skin & unclogs these pores.

Exfoliates & Smoothes Skin

The creamy body scrub moisturizes your skin while exfoliating dead & rough skin. Moreover, antioxidant-rich Green Tea hydrates skin from within. The result? Soft, smooth & even-toned skin post-shower.

Reduces Tan

The 10% AHA (Lactic Acid & Glycolic Acid) in this body scrub gets rid of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark patches to reveal even-toned skin.


Lactic Acid Improves skin texture by reducing bumps & dark patches. It also gently yet effectively exfoliates skin to reduce ingrown hair by unclogging pores.
Glycolic Acid Mildly exfoliates the skin’s surface to remove dead & rough skin and improve its texture. It also reduces pigmentation and leaves skin smooth.
Green Tea Antioxidant-rich Green Tea hydrates & refreshes skin while its soothing properties prevent redness & inflammation. It also reduces acne & acne marks.

How to use

Step 1:
Squeeze out the body scrub & apply it on wet skin.

Step 2:
Gently scrub the body in circular motions to exfoliate and polish your skin.

Step 3:
Focus on the neck, elbows, knees, underarms & feet.

Rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow up with Green Tea & 5% Niacinamide Serum Body Lotion.
Use twice or thrice a week for healthy glowing skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I exfoliate my skin?

Our body sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis, which if not removed can clog the pores & lead to a host of skin issues like ingrown hair, roughness and uneven skin tone. Regular exfoliation unclogs pores and reduces the chances of breakouts & acne. It also helps to smoothen & tone the skin’s surface and improve the performance of other skin care products such as body wash and lotion since it creates conditions for better absorption.

Our 10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub unclogs all pores and removes rough and dead skin to reduce ingrown hair & reveal soft, smooth skin. While the AHA in the scrub exfoliates the skin’s surface & pores, the Green Tea hydrates & soothes the skin, and soothes inflammation and acne.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are natural exfoliants that remove rough & dead skin cells from the skin’s surface & unclog pores. This helps reduce ingrown hair, improves skin’s texture & makes it smooth over time. The AHAs in this Body Scrub are Lactic Acid & Glycolic Acid that exfoliate, remove dead skin, and fade pigmentation for even-toned & tan-free skin.

Unlike regular homemade scrubs, our 10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub has fine particles that are tough on ingrown hair but gentle on the skin. Additionally, it has antioxidant-rich Green Tea that hydrates & soothes the skin leaving you feeling refreshed.

The skin on our face is more sensitive than on the rest of our body. Hence we recommend using a gentle scrub such as our Green Tea Face Scrub on your face, and the 10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub for your body.

Our 10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub is suitable for all skin types. It has Green Tea extracts that soothes inflammation, redness, acne & acne marks, making it ideal for sensitive & oily skin types.

The 10% AHA & Green Tea Body Scrub is highly effective for men & women, and works well to improve the skin’s texture for soft & smooth skin.

Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin twice a week for optimal results. However, depending on your regular activities, skin type & preferences, you can determine how frequently you should use the scrub.

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