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This V-day, Who's up to date dirty?

Gone are the days when on Valentine’s Day, we used to sit in a cafe, and our love brewed over a cup of coffee! Of course, a lot can happen over a coffee cup… But we all need more, don’t we? 

So why not raise the bar this Valentine’s with a sexy date? Why not surprise your bae with something steamier? Why not ditch the cafe and head to shower? Seems like it’s time to redefine the way you celebrate love and let us help you with finding your best Valentine’s day date ideas. 

For Valentine’s Day 2022, date dirty the mCaffeine way! Our specially curated V-Day gift kits will surely add more fun and excitement to your day and make your bae feel special, in the best possible way. It’s 2022, look what you made us do…

Set the mood right with COFFEE MOOD GIFT KIT 

The mood for love is always on the mind and so should be this gift kit! With Coffee Face Wash, Coffee Face Scrub, Coffee Body Scrub and Coffee Face Mask, the Coffee Mood - Gift Kit will certainly caffeinate your bae’s mood. It comes with a Perk Up Towel, c’mon straight head to the shower!

Seize the flirty moment with Coffee Moment Gift Kit

It is the small moments that make your love special! Steam up your date and add a layer of sexiness with a whole caffeinated experience, wrapped in a moment! Packed with the award-winning Coffee Body Scrub, Coffee Face Wash, Coffee Face Scrub, this kit is the best brew to gift your bae!

Get caught in a lip-lock with Coffee Addiction Lip Gift Kit

Was it love at first sight? Was it a stunning Coffee affair caught in a lip-lock? This gift kit is an indulgent and addictive lip care affair that will leave your bae craving for more… It moisturizes chapped lips, reduces pigmentation, polishes the lips, and locks in moisture overnight for smooth, soft, and sultry lips. Suitable for all skin types, the kit is free from beeswax, making it 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Be Date Ready with Body Polishing Gift Kit

Your love is passionate, it is impulsive and it doesn’t like to wait! With the Body Polishing Gift Kit, a rush of Coffee, and indulging chocolatey romance awaits your perfect date! With Coffee Body Scrub and Choco Body Butter, Be always on the go to be Date Ready! You never know when you might get lucky…

Let the love brew in the shower with Coffee Date Bathroom Edition Gift Kit

It's time to go skin-sipping on some Caffeine goodness with the Coffee Date: Bathroom Edition Gift Kit. The new gift kit promises some steamy showers and will get you and your bae splashing about on a caffeinated high! And just a cherry on top — a sensuous and scented Soy Wax Coffee Candle to light up the mood and pull you in, just a little bit closer.

So what’s on your mind now? What is stopping you from making this the best Valentine’s Day for your bae? Just a gift of the best brew and experience a caffeinated high like never before…All our gift kits are 100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free, & Gender Neutral! So let your love brew, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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