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How To Maintain Work-Life Balance during a lockdown

A lot of us our perfecting the ‘Work From Home’ culture. Working from home doesn’t come easy. The beds, couches and bean bags might appeal for a more relaxed and fun way of working but on a daily basis might not be that amazing. Especially for the ones who are working off late & for long hours, you guys need to get extra cautious.

If you are the one who thought, owning a work-desk at home is not such a good idea might be feeling a little left out & the stiffness of the neck would add up to it. Well, let’s be clear, working from home is fun but only till it doesn’t affect your body. And added are the never-ending stack of dishes in your sink and the pile of clothes in the laundry bag!

You all must have been reading a lot of advice on how to work from home while not missing out on your daily chores. But here we are narrowing all that in some simple words, making it easier for you. Thank us later!


Get up, move around and stretch for a few minutes after every hour! Yes, not kidding at all. Your body needs movement after hours of sitting or leaning in one position. These small breaks will help you sort your mind a bit and will also help you focus. And once you’re focused your work will become easier!
Ditch the sofa, bed, couch or any super comforting piece of furniture. Try to sit straight on a chair, rest your elbows so that your shoulders don’t stress much.


Balancing your work & life becomes crucial especially nowadays. It is equally important for your sanity as well. Multitask your way towards better managing.

For instance, you can do the following things together:

  • Clean up your dishes while cooking
  • Skincare (face mask) while you complete some work
  • Get up an hour early and clean your house or water the plants
  • Do some exercise while listening to your favourite song


Don’t push your timelines just because you are home. Keep a strict schedule and adhere to it. This way you’ll have all the #MondayMotivation & you can curb your #MidWeekBlues as well!


Follow your long lost hobbies or develop some new interests. It is very important for you to indulge in something other than work. Give a quick read to 5 things to do when you’re stuck at home and get started!

It is a time when we are home for longer durations than we could have ever expected! So utilize it to the max!!

How are you’re making your Work From Home interesting and balanced, tell us in the comments! We’d love to know your thoughts! 

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