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5 Things To Do While You Are Stuck At Home

Locked down at home is not such a great feeling. But as we navigate through these times we can kill the boredom of being stuck at home. While many of us are busy working from home, we must indulge ourselves in creative things as well. This will enable us to easily flow through times of global shutdowns and keep our sanity in place! Don’t you agree that it has been days since you indulged in something which made you feel an edge over your past self?


Well, we know how to cheer you up - all you need is motivation and we are here to give you 5 productive things do to! Believe it or not, learning new things or resuming pasts interests can brush up your brain and make you feel alive and kicking.


Pursue those long lost hobbies

Work pressure, family pressure and what not! If you are the one who had to give up on your hobbies due to any of these things, then its time you start again! Now that you have ample time to invest in your hobbies - do it! Keep those meandering thoughts away and get down to creating something you always wanted. Be it embroidery, crafts, painting or playing any musical instrument, you can deep dive in the world of creativity and trust us, in the end, you’ll be proud of yourself!


Meditate or do some yoga-exercise

Another easy yet always ignored part of being active is meditation. Yoga, exercising and doing basic meditation can help align our thoughts. Our minds need it as much as our bodies. Indulge in a session every day or on alternate days and spend some good amount of time doing meditation, yoga or exercise. This can be your way to practice self-love as well!


Skincare while you Netflix

A lot of people think that skincare is going to take ages and that it is a time-consuming process and hence they tend to avoid it. Result? Bad skin days! Well, skincare can be fun if you combine it with any of your fave activities. For instance, put up a face mask or a sheet mask while you are busy binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Twenty minutes, two tasks done! How amazing!

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Build a knack for reading

Reading doesn’t always have to be boring or cumbersome. Find a topic that would interest you - can be poetry, can be autobiographical or if you have an inclination towards Sci-Fi or thriller, you name it and you can find a good book on that topic. Try a good book and tell us which one have you read during this lockdown in the comments section below! We’ll be happy to know your choices!



Cooking can keep you busy for hours and you get to eat awesome food! What’s better than this? Experiment with healthy options and keep doing your thing. Youtube has many recipe options, you’ll definitely come out with a signature dish of your own after the lockdown is over.


These were 5 things that you can pursue while you are at home. There are also many little things that can keep you busy like cleaning your closet, exploring new music, playing with your pets or simply playing video games. These are small activities that will keep you indulged in for a few hours but we would recommend you pick up a long term activity as well.


Hope you enjoyed reading this. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments, we’ll love reading them.


Till then,

Stay Safe, Stay Caffeinated!

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