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Must-Have Coffee Face Duo

Cleanses | Reduces Puffiness | Hydrates
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  • Complimentary Must-Have Coffee Face Care Shots, worth Rs 299, with all orders
  • Complimentary Coffee Mini Hero Scrubs, worth Rs 299, on orders 699 +
Deep cleanse with antioxidant rich coffee. It fights free radicals and keeps the skin perked up. The hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated while the white water lily soothes and eases hyperpigmentation.

Keep your skin perked-up with the coffee skincare. The name says it all, this Must-Have Coffee Face Duo will be your daily dose of cleansing & hydrating & comes with a complimentary all-purpose pouch.

✔︎ Cleanses 

✔︎ Hydrates 

✔︎ Reduces Puffiness

Packed with antioxidants, the duo contains Pure Arabica Coffee which is a natural source of Caffeine. It helps to fight free radicals and also alleviates inflammation and reduces the puffiness of the face. Along with Coffee, potent ingredients like White Water Lily, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid work to achieve hydrated, clear skin.

What Makes It A “Must-Have”?

Naked and Raw Coffee Face Wash with White Water Lily - 100 ml

Deep Cleanses | Removes Tan & Impurities | Reduces Puffiness  

Perk your skin up as you apply this caffeinated face cleanser. It will cleanse your pores and remove all the impurities and grime off your face and make your skin ready for the day. 

Naked & Raw Coffee Face Serum with White Water Lily - 40 ml

Antioxidant-Rich | Sun Protection | Hydration 

Quench your skin’s thirst with a coffee-infused serum. Apply as you massage the potent ingredients in the skin giving your skin its daily dose of hydration!

Naked Teal Pouch  | Complimentary Worth Rs. 499

Lightweight | Easy To Clean | All-purpose

Product Dimension: 15cm x 28cm x 5.5cm

It is lightweight, compact, and leakage proof pouch with a zip closure to keep your things secure. The easy-to-clean inner is an addition to its bold appeal. 


You can use this routine daily in the morning and after you return home after a long day to get rid of dirt & impurities and hydrate your skin.


It is suggested that you first cleanse your face with a face wash and then apply the serum. The face wash cleanses the dirt and impurities. The face serum would sink in the skin better and make your skin more hydrated and replenished.


All products are SLS Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Mineral Oil Free & other harmful chemicals free. They are FDA Approved, Clinically Tested, Made Safe & 100% Vegan.

Deep Cleanse:

  • Pour a small quantity of coffee face wash onto your palm and apply on damp face
  • Massage the face for a minute and wash off thoroughly for a deep cleanse


  • Take a pea-sized amount of the coffee face serum on your fingertips
  • Gently dab & massage the face serum onto your face and neck in an upward motion for maximum hydration

Must-Have Coffee Face Duo

Customer Reviews

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Must-Have Coffee Face Duo



Hemma Rayen

Must-Have Coffee Face Duo

Shweta Adap

It was amazing ☺️

Saila Sree

Best for skin and addicted to mcaffeine

Kavya siddu

Must-Have Coffee Face Duo