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Gua Sha - Green Quartz

Skin Toning | Improves skin elasticity | Reduce puffiness
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Hit the skin-gym to tone and firm your face with Gua Sha- a small facial massaging stone. It de-puffs skin, improves elasticity and tones skin. The regular-use forecast tells us that you’ll be hooked to Gua Sha for good!


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  • Why should you buy it?
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  • How to use it?
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Why should you buy?

Skin Toning and De-puffing

The Gua Sha is made with Aventurine, the Green Quartz crystal which tones the face, stimulates blood circulation and de-puffs skin resulting in healthier, flushed looking skin.

Improves Skin Elasticity

Regular use of the Gua Sha results in improved skin elasticity, making the skin firm and supple. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, purifying the skin from within.

De- stresses and Soothing Sensation

The Gua Sha de-stresses and relaxes facial muscles leaving your skin fresh and energized! It has an addictive cooling and soothing effect on your skin that will surely get you hooked!


Green Quartz Made with Aventurine, the Green Quartz crystal is loaded with positive energy and vitality. Gua Sha is made from natural stone. The colour of natural stones may vary.

How to use

Step 1:
First apply a rich serum or moisturizer of your choice and evenly spread it out on the face.

Step 2: For Chin and Jaw

  • Take the larger curved edge of the Gua Sha and fit it under your chin, start massaging from the centre, going gently upwards along the jawline till your earlobes.
  • Repeat this motion 5-6 times on both sides of the face.

Step 3: For Cheeks

  • Moving on to the cheek, use the flat side of the stone to gently move in an upwards motion across the cheek.
  • Repeat this motion 5-6 times on both the cheeks.

Step 4: For Under Eyes

  • Now take the narrower edge of the stone and very gently massage the under-eye area moving upwards from the inner to the outer corner.
  • You can also massage along the brow bone in an outward motion.

Step 5: Care

  • Deep clean the Gua Sha once or twice a week to avoid the build-up of bacteria by simply cleaning it with cold water and gentle soap or face wash. Gently pat it dry or let it air dry by placing it on a clean soft cloth or towel.
  • Avoid using hot water on it as high temperatures tend to strip Green Quartz of its protective layers.
  • Do not use chemical cleaners or alcohol on the roller as that can cause damage to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can Gua Sha be used?

Gua Sha can be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening after cleansing your face. Morning works best for treating puffiness and toning the skin, while in the evening the tool is helpful for relaxing the facial muscles. However, you can use it as many times as you like, whenever your face is in need of some toning, de-puffing or a relaxing massage

It's best to use Gua Sha regularly for long-term skin benefits such as improving skin elasticity & skin toning.

Yes, Gua Sha can be used on the neck and even on shoulders.

Start by positioning the flat side of the tool on top of the shoulder, and stroke it upwards along the side of the neck, up till your ear. Then to tone the neck, glide the tool up towards the jaw, starting at the base of the neck, near the collarbone.

It is essential to apply a face moisturizer or serum before using Gua Sha. This prevents any pulling or tugging of the skin while massaging your face with the tool. In addition, Gua Sha helps in better penetration and absorption of the product.

Pair your Gua Sha with the Coffee Face Serum or Coffee Oil-Free Face Moisturizer for a smooth and enriching face massage.

You need not apply any product after using the Gua Sha tool. However, if you’ve applied a serum before the massage, you may follow it up with a moisturizer.

A Gua Sha facial massage should take about 2-5 minutes. This depends on the number of massage repetitions and on how many areas of the face and neck you’re covering. You should ideally massage each area 10 times in a gentle upwards motion.

Yes, the Gua Sha tool can be refrigerated for extra cooling and soothing effects on the skin.

The mCaffeine Gua Sha is made of Green Quartz (Aventurine).

Gua Sha is suitable for all skin types.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Divya Theja

There is no instration card for how to use the product

Vanaja V

I'm glad I hav made tis purchase n it's been 2 weeks I'm using tis and I can clearly see the difference. Puffiness on my face has reduced. Will definitely recommend tis product. Thank you mcaffeine

P Goyal
Great product

It's a great little tool in hand to massage your face pretty well.

Affordable and amazing

Affordable and works as it claims.

Maheswari Nagalingam
All products

It's very good.caffine face scrub super result

Rajyasree Sarkar
Green quartz Gua Sha

It is a good product. It's sturdy and good in quality.

Gua Sha - Green Quartz

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