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Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips

Moisturizes Chapped Lips | Reduces Pigmentation| Polishes Lips
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Stay smooth, soft, and sultry with the Coffee Lip Kit that feels lip-smacking good. Especially brewed for chapped and pigmented lips, the kit entails the Coffee Lip Scrub, Coffee Lip Balm, and Coffee Lip Polishing Oil that moisturizes chapped lips reduces pigmentation, and polishes the lips t...

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Why should you buy?

Moisturizes Chapped Lips

Behold the Coffee Lip Scrub that exfoliates chapped lips with the goodness of Coffee Oil and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that leaves lips moisturized. It’s the brew for drool-worthy lips that scrubs away chapped lips and flakiness without leaving them parched.

More reduction in pigmentation

Reduces Pigmentation

Enriched with Coffee Oil, Coconut Oil, and Rosehip Oil, the Coffee Lip Kit expertly reduces lip pigmentation with regular use, leaving you with that natural, just-bitten rush of rosiness that feels just as tempting as it looks.

Polishes Lips

A buttery, balmy blend of Coffee Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Shea Butter in the Coffee Lip Polishing Oil, leaves your lips soft, supple, and polished with a natural sheen for lips you just can’t miss!


Coffee Lip Scrub Caffeine-rich Coffee exfoliates away dead skin, removes chapped and flaky skin, while Coffee Oil reduces pigmentation. Natural Cane Sugar exfoliates away chapped and flaky skin and polishes the lips. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil moisturizes chapped and flaky lips and reduces pigmentation.
Coffee Lip Polishing Oil Rich in Caffeine, Coffee Oil moisturizes and hydrates, reduces pigmentation, and leaves lips with a sheen. Shea Butter deeply moisturizes lips and soothes dry and chapped lips. Rich in antioxidants, Rosehip Oil reduces pigmentation and naturally heals dry and chapped lips.
Coffee Lip Balm Caffeine-rich Coffee Oil nourishes and smoothens lips and reduces pigmentation. Shea Butter moisturizes chapped lips and nourishes and smoothens dry lips. Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E reduces pigmentation and helps heal cracked and dry lips for gliding smoothness.

How to use

Step 1: Polish

  • Dry your lips and use the roll-on applicator to apply a thin layer of the Coffee Lip Polishing Oil.
  • Leave it for sometime to allow your lips to absorb the oil

Step 2: Exfoliate

  • Take a little quantity of the Coffee Lip Scrub on your fingers.
  • Gently exfoliate your lips in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.
  • Wash off after a minute. Use twice a week for best results.

Step 3: Moisturize

  • Take a little quantity of the Coffee Lip Balm on your fingertips and rub gently on the lips.
  • Repeat as often as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Coffee for Lips?

Coffee is enriched with the superfood Caffeine that helps reduce pigmentation and even tones the lips. Powered with antioxidants, Coffee Oil also nourishes and smoothens lips for a healthy look.

The Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips moisturizes chapped lips, reduces pigmentation, and polishes the lips for an even-toned look.

First, exfoliate your lips with the Coffee Lip Scrub, then polish your lips with the Coffee Lip Polishing Oil, and finally moisturize your lips with the Coffee Lip Balm. For more details, please refer to the ‘How To Use’ section.

Lip licking in general is not advisable to do. But, in case you do end up accidently taking a lick, you are safe because our lip products are natural.

Yes, the Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips is free from SLS, Sulphate & Paraben. It is free from beeswax, making it 100% vegan and cruelty free. It is also FDA-approved and dermatologically tested.

You bet! This Lip Care Kit is enriched with incredibly healing ingredients like Coffee Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil & Rosehip Oil that expertly reduce pigmentation. We recommend you to use this Coffee Lip Kit regularly, so that your lips are left with a natural tint.

Indeed! This Lip Care Kit includes Coffee Lip Scrub that first, skillfully scrubs away dead skin and flakes off your lips. Then, it cures the chapped lips by moisturizing them thoroughly.

Lip Polishing Oil is one of the incredible products you’ll find in the Lip Care Kit. This oil not only moisturizes & hydrates your lips, but also treats them by reducing dark pigmentation. Our Coffee Lip Polishing Oil is effective on the lips and users saw 95% reduced pigmentation with its regular use when compared to a neutral product.

Like any other skincare routine, lip routine is equally important! We recommend you to use our Lip Care Kit that consists of Coffee Lip Scrub, Coffee Lip Balm & Coffee Lip Polishing Oil. Follow a routine with this kit and you will definitely get the desired results i.e. a pair of kissable lips.

Customer Reviews

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Monika Singh


Blessing Madu

Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips

Neha Dosi

All products are very good n i love to use it.

Ronisha Varghese P

Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips

So nourishing

Its very moisturizing and nourishing ☺️

Mouli Dhar

Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips

Coffee Lip Kit For Chapped & Pigmented Lips