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Why is Serum an Important Step in Your Hair Care Routine?

Some of us are blessed with good hair days while others have to wait for "achhe din". Which are rare and there’s a good chance they may never come. If you fall in the second category, we’re guessing you’ve tried pretty much every DIY on the internet. Right from using onion juice for hair to applying a banana mask for hair growth. But none of that has helped, so what will you turn to? Hair serums of course!

A hair serum is an essential part of every hair care routine. Use it after a shower or before styling your hair, it helps tame frizz, nourish your hair, and even protect it from external aggressors like heat, pollution, etc. Trust us, once you start applying hair serums, there’s no looking back.  

Adding another product to your hair care routine sure does sound taxing, but it’s the easiest and most beneficial product for hair. Still not convinced? Allow us to give you a low-down on hair serums, when to apply, how to apply, and how to pick the right one for your hair.  Learn more about hair serum uses and their benefits below.  

What is a hair serum?

Do not confuse hair serum with hair oil, these two products are poles apart. Serums are applied to the shaft and tips of the hair, whereas oils are applied to the roots. Hair serums can be applied over damp or dry hair, they can be used for styling purposes or at the end of the haircare routine. Unlike hair oil, serums don’t weigh your hair down or make it look oily and sticky.

Benefits of using a hair serum 

Damaged hair is a common concern. Dust, heat, pollution, exposure to chemicals in hair styling products are to be blamed for making hair dull and dry. This problem increases tenfold during the monsoon when humidity levels rise. And if you end up getting your hair wet in the rain then be ready to invite a bunch of new hair problems. Using a hair serum can save you from all of this. Hair serums form a protective layer that prevents environmental aggressors from damaging the strands, thereby leaving you with happy hair days. 

How to use hair serum? 

There is no specific time or step to use a hair serum, however, applying a few drops after shower while your hair is still damp will ensure your hair is less frizzy once it dries off. You can also apply the serum before styling your hair or if you are just stepping out for brunch to quickly add shine. Here’s how to apply hair serum:

  • Depending on the length of your hair, take one or two pumps of serum on your palm.
  • Rub it between your palms and then apply evenly on your hair.
  • Concentrate on the length and tips of your hair.

How many times can you apply it?

It is not recommended to use a hair serum every day. After washing your hair, use a hair serum while the hair is still damp and vulnerable. The potent ingredients in the serum will prevent damage and breakage. But if your hair is extremely dull and dry, you can apply a few drops to quickly add shine and life back into your hair. 

Which hair serum is right for you? 

It’s always recommended to choose hair care products based on your hair type. But when it comes to hair serums, most serums are suitable for all hair types. Look for one that contains natural ingredients that not only prevent frizz but also strengthen hair. The Coffee Hair Serum is infused with the goodness of Coffee Oil, Caffeine, Argan Oil, and Walnut, all of which work wonders for your hair. Even though it’s an oil-based hair serum, it's lightweight and non-sticky. It will make hair 5x smoother minus the frizz, making it lustrous and shiny. Be it monsoon or summer, your hair will be frizz-free and smooth all year long. This serum gets easily absorbed by the hair without weighing it down. Split ends, damaged hair and frizz will become a thing of the past! 

Now that you have the complete guide on how to use hair serums, go on and order one right away! All mCaffeine products are natural, 100% vegan, gender neutral, SLS & Paraben-free with zero plastic footprint. Indulge in our caffeinated products guilt-free and get #AddictedToGood

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