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What’s Coffee Hair Serum and How Does It Work?

Hair goals without including a hair serum in your hair care routine? Impossible! 

Think of it as the holy grail of hair care. Hair serums come in a variety of formulations and target various concerns. Some are meant to add shine, some work really well on straightening and a majority of hair serums tackle dry and frizzy hair to make your hair look fabulous in an instant. 

But what if you get all of these benefits in one hair serum, wouldn’t that be amazing? Say no more! We have infused our hair serum with the goodness of coffee to make your hair goals a reality. Why Coffee Hair Serum? We have all the answers right here!

So, What is Coffee Serum? 

Caffeinated hair serums are like a superfood for your hair. They are a great way to add volume, shine and moisture to your hair. Coffee hair serums tend to be non-sticky, possess a light texture and can therefore be used on a regular basis. Come rain or shine, these serums will keep moisture in and humidity out of your hair!

Let’s begin with our Coffee Hair Serum, it is a powerful blend of Coffee Oil, Caffeine, Argan Oil and Almond Oil that smoothen the hair, leaving it healthy, frizz-free and so irresistibly shiny that you’ll be tempted to flip it! 

Why should our Coffee Hair Serum be a part of your daily hair care routine?

          - Reduces frizz and makes hair extremely manageable.
          - Strengthens hair strands and gets absorbed real quick.
          - Infused with caffeine rich coffee oil, argan oil and walnut oil. All three ingredients are super effective in maintaining hair health. 

P.s: It is vegan! 

The Dos and Don’ts of using a Hair Serum 

You would think that using a hair serum is a no-brainer, right? Sadly, it is not so. Lucky for you, we have the how to use hair serum guide ready for you! 

Firstly, the number of times you use a serum for hair care depends on your hair type. The best serum for hair is the one that targets your major hair concerns. Bringing in our Cappuccino Hair Serum into the mix here -

          - It is made to nourish and smoothen primarily.
          - It also contains Vitamin E, a well-known hair care ingredient that boosts elasticity and shine.
          - Caffeine prevents breakage and strengthens the hair. 

If your hair needs more shine and is prone to breakage, the Cappuccino Hair Serum with Vitamin E is your best bet, rather than the Coffee Hair Serum, whose main function is to reduce frizz! See what we mean, when we say ‘the right hair serum?’ 

One of the major DON’T is over-application. Too much of anything is never good and the same applies for hair serums. Over-application can do more harm than good, as it can increase build up, make the scalp greasy and hamper overall health of the hair. 

A quick tip to maximize the effect of your hair serum is to not use it immediately post dispensing. Warm it up between your fingers and then apply seamlessly. This makes it less slippery and cling to your strands for dear life! 

All said and done, a coffee-based hair serum is good for all kinds of hair and is also suitable to help you accomplish those hair goals with ease. What you need to do : Use it wisely and ensure that your hair also gets that much needed caffeine boost!

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