The best Vegan Hair Care you’ve got to have

13 Jan 2022
The best Vegan Hair Care you’ve got to have

Vegan skin and hair care products have gained popularity recently. Most of you must have heard about vegan food, but wondering what vegan personal care products are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Before we dive into knowing r vegan products, it is important to understand what these are. Vegan products are made using natural components and are free from meat or animal-based ingredients like milk, butter, cheese, etc. Most vegan products are not tested on animals. Phew! And, these are also free from harmful chemicals. Well, something your skin digs!

Having said that, these products are extremely beneficial for your health and environment as well. In this article, we will be discussing various benefits of switching to vegan hair care and will list some of the trusted vegan hair care products for your tresses. 

Why should you choose vegan hair products?

Vegan products are not only beneficial for your hair but also safe for the environment as well. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider going vegan:

Better hair quality

Vegan products are pure plant-based and contain natural ingredients such as green tea, coffee, banana, that helps in removing impurities and clearing the scalp. It helps in achieving lustrous hair and makes them healthier. 

Safer for skin and hair

Since vegan products are free from harmful chemicals, they are safer for your skin and hair and less likely to give rise to skin allergies, rashes, etc.


The majority of vegan products aren't tested on animals and thus are cruelty-free. Vegan products which aren't tested on animals are less likely to cause allergies, rashes or irritation.

Minimise waste and safe for environment

When harmful chemicals aren't used in producing haircare or skincare products, it results in lesser waste and the toxic content present in them. This helps the environment by reducing waste.

Best vegan hair care products for you

#1 Coffee shampoo

Your hair care regime is incomplete without a gentle cleanser for your scalp and tresses. Our Naked and Raw Coffee Shampoo is made using pure coffee extracts, contains natural protein for healthier and stronger shafts, argan oil for extra softness and smoothness. It is also enriched with the goodness of caffeine that helps in improving blood circulation and adds to the strength of your hair. It is completely free from harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens and cruelty-free.

Adding this shampoo to your hair care routine will help in minimising hair fall and will deeply cleanse all dirt and grime from your hair and the heavenly coffee aroma will keep lingering afterwards.

#2 Coffee conditioner

Shampooing is followed by conditioning and it should be done using vegan products. Our Naked and Raw Coffee Hair Conditioner, will strengthen and nourish your hair, and prevent hair breakage that is caused during the conditioning process. Coffee and caffeine present in it ensure strengthening and will add shine to dull-looking hair, pro-vitamin B5 prevents any breakage and argan oil manages frizzy hair and deeply nourishes them.

#3 Scalp scrub

Dirt and oil buildup on the scalp leads to microbes and infections. Wash them off with our Coffee Scalp Scrub that helps in getting rid of dandruff and dirt buildup and improves blood circulation. It is made using pure ingredients like coffee powder, Natural AHA, Rosemary, and Caffeine. Use it twice a week for better results.

#4 Coffee hair oil

It is important to nourish your hair not just from the outside but from the inside as well. Adding Coffee Hair Oil to your hair care regime will nourish your scalp and locks from inside and will provide needed strength and shine. It is enriched with the goodness of coffee oil, redensyl, argan oil and caffeine.

#5 Scalp tonic

Everyday damage to hair can make them weak from the inside and promote breakage and hair fall. Our all-natural Coffee Scalp Tonic is a powerful formula of coffee, caffeine, redensyl, and Three types of protein including wheat, soy and corn. It provides nourishment from within and prevents excessive hair fall.

#6 Coffee hair serum

Hair serum is a must post washing your hair as it helps in managing frizz and acts as a protective layer on your hair. Our Coffee Hair Serum will smoothen hair and provide needed shine. It contains pure coffee extracts, argan oil and walnut oil which helps manageability and improve thickness.

Go Vegan, Go Healthy with mCaffeine

Say along and make this your haircare mantra! Using chemical-based products may provide temporary results but know that it’ll leave your hair damaged in the long run. Sticking to all-natural products not only improves the longevity of healthier hair but helps them holistically as well. We hope the above list got your hair routine sorted and you are all set to go vegan!

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