What is Matte Lipsticks?

17 Aug 2023
What is Matte Lipsticks?

Matte lipsticks mean the lipsticks which give a matte look? Well, there is more to it. Matte lipsticks are richly pigmented lip tint cosmetics that give the lips a velvety appearance. It is non-shiny and has a dramatic effect that is suitable for wearing throughout the day. It does not readily wash away from the lips and takes only a little touch. What else do you desire, ladies? This smudge-proof lipstick is now conquering the globe and is frequently used by celebrities. It is, in fact, a new fundamental that can now be found in any girl's cosmetic kit.


Choose matte Lipsticks shades as per your skin tone

Fair, medium, tanned, and deep skin tones are the most common. Each skin tone complements the various colors, which elevate and accentuate the face radiance. However, identifying the appropriate lip color is essential; else, you risk destroying your entire look.

Fair skin tone – For fair skin tone comes the pink, red, or nude shades, and that too in the matte tint.
Medium skin tone – Berry and mauve shades will work best for the medium skin tone.
Tan or deep skin tone – The skin which most Indians embrace is the tan or deep skin tone and the ladies with these skin tones can go for deep pink or red shades.

Things to keep in mind before choosing the right matte lipstick

Determine your skin undertone

People often have cool, warm, or neutral undertones, which aids in the selection of the appropriate substance lipstick. Mocha, pink, crimson, and burgundy colors work well for cool undertones. If you have a warm undertone, you can choose pink, peachy, copper, or nude hues. Finally, there is the neutral undertone, which can be any shade of cold or warm.

Match with the eye color

This may appear strange, yet it is true. The color of your eyes also influences the color of your lipstick. Brown eyes should wear colors like brown, light pink, or brilliant red. However, plum, nudes, and pink are the best colors for grey and green eyes.

What’s your lip size?

You can have either thin or full lips. So, for people with thin lips, use light hues. If you have full lips, however, avoid sparkly, light, or glossy colors. For a more matte appearance, use bright colors.

What skin tone do you have?

There are several complexions in skin tones such as tan, fair, medium, and deep. Every skin tone requires a particular color, such as pink, red, or nude for a light complexion. Similarly, rich pink, red, and non-brown colors will work for tanned and deep skin tones. For tanned skin, choose from berry, cherry, or mauve hues. Going this route will ensure that you acquire the correct shade to brighten your face and boost your confidence.

Test or swatch the lip shades

Finally, if you're having trouble deciding on the proper shade, the test and swatch method will undoubtedly help. Try to go for sample colors to assist you to understand how well it suits you, and you can utilize online swatch tools to help you understand which shade matches your complexion. After all, experimentation produces the desired outcomes. You can also seek the advice of beauty professionals.

Which lipstick is good for lips?

Every lipstick is perfect in its way. The greatest lipstick, however, is determined by the sort of lips you have. We're not talking about the thought or pumped lips here. We're talking about whether your lips are moisturized or dry. If you have naturally moisturized lips, matte lip tints are ideal. Matte lip colors cause the lips to dry out and settle on the lips, hence they should not be used on dry lips. However, matte lipsticks can be found in matte plus crème which gives both matte and hydrated look to the lips, and liquid matte lipsticks which give the perfect matte look. However, apart from the matte lipsticks, you have varied other options such as crème lipsticks and glossy lipsticks as other options which you can go for.

Match Lipstick with the clothes & outfits of your choice

Just as we match our jewelry and shoes to our outfits, we must also match our lipsticks. If you're wearing red clothing, a light shade of lipstick, such as peach, would look great, or you may opt for a brownish hue for a neutral lip appearance. After all, red is a highly appealing color in and of itself, so keep your lip look basic to emphasize it. Similarly, with blue-colored ensembles, mauve or light pink, in contrast, would look great. After all, pink and blue are inseparable. However, with neutral-colored clothing like white or light green, you can go for a nude or dramatic look depending on the occasion. Now lastly the black or dark outfits are complimented with either dark red, orange, or plum shades.


Lipsticks are a type of jewelry that every woman wears. You can never fully accept yourself unless you have the perfect lip color. As a result, selecting the appropriate hue is critical for you. There are several lipsticks available, and they come in a variety of styles. All you have to do is decide the type and color you want. It all depends on the occasion, your clothes, and your skin tone. After all, you are the expert yourself, and only you can choose the right shade for you. If you are still unsure, we recommend that you go with nude tones. There is a selection of nude pink and brown colors that might give you the ideal look.


1. Does matte lipstick darken lips?

Lipsticks are good for lips but they can darken the lips with the chemicals included if worn often or not removed after a set amount of time. As a result, constantly moisturize your lips with lip gloss and remove any lip color before going to bed.

2. Which one to choose - liquid or matte lipstick?

Whichever one you choose is totally up to you. The liquid matte lipsticks are matte and provide the desired look. Keep in mind, though, that liquid lipsticks dry up the lips. So, if you already have dry lips, avoid using it. Instead, go for matte lipsticks, which come in both crème and matte finishes.

3. Which lipstick shade goes best with Indian skin tone?

Indian skin tone is either medium or tanned. Thus lipstick shades such as wine, plum, berry, or nude will suit the best.

4. Which lip shade is best for a natural look?

It is completely dependent on your skin tone. Peachy or pink colors will complement your light complexion. However, for a medium tone, choose beige or brown nudes. Finally, the deeper hues of the nude will be more appealing to the dark tone.

5. Which shade of lipstick is the most preferred one among women?

When it comes to Indian ladies, certainly red is the most flexible and elegant color you can see with them. Light red, dark red, blood red, maroon red, and many more colors of red are highly valued in this context.


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