Troubled with frizzy hair? Here are the causes and treatment

21 Dec 2021
Troubled with frizzy hair? Here are the causes and treatment

Frizz can look beautiful to behold when you look at it as an outsider. But, for the ones who have it, frizz can often be a mess and stress. Frizz requires a lot of effort and not to mention, some bank-breaking products at times. Comparisons creep in subconsciously with someone’s naturally sleek hair, just adding to the frustration. But with the right products and maintenance, your frizzy hair can be the center of attention and envy too.

But why is there a disparity in hair textures?

For starters, it has a lot to do with the climate, genes, and haircare rituals. A frizzy hair problem is caused when your hair is very dry and textured. But it is just another hair type and with the right care, even the irregularity of frizzes has a unique beauty.

Here, we will deconstruct the different reasons behind frizzing and share some effective solutions to boost overall health.

What Leads To Frizzy Hair?

If we have to mention it in one word, it is dryness. But apart from that, several other factors cause your hair to turn frizzy. Let’s take a look at a few as we suggest the remedies as well.

  • Humidity
    Humidity is one of the common frizzy hair reasons during a hot and humid summer day. The dry cuticle of your hair becomes rough and open to humidity. The humid ambience makes the dried hair frizzy, as the outer layer of your hair soaks moisture from the atmosphere and swells up.
  • Over-Washing
    Over-washing your hair can strip your hair off the natural oil that is required for hair health. The resultant dryness leads to frizzy hair. If you apply sulphate based shampoo on your hair every day, it disrupts the natural balance.
  • Towel-Drying
    Towel drying your hair can also lead to frizziness because rough drying with a towel can ruffle the cuticles of your hair. If you have curly hair the friction can also lead to clumps and deformed coils, resulting in frizz.
  • Wrong Hair Care Products
    Using hair care products too harsh for your hair type can also lead to frizzes. A high concentration of chemicals can strip the hair’s natural oil. This gets even worse when your hair is naturally dry.
  • Hot Showers & Heat-Styling
    If you are wondering how to stop frizzy hair after washing, avoiding hot showers should be the first step. Washing your hair with hot water regularly also makes the scalp and hair strands super dry. The same logic applies to heat curlers and straighteners. When they are frequently used, the natural moisture in the hair is minimized which leads to frizzing.

Tips To Treat Frizzy Hair

Now that you know the reasons behind frizzy hair, we have listed the remedies as well. There are various frizzy hair treatments but you can also control it to some extent by following the tips shared below:

  • Use Microfiber Towel
    We usually use a towel while drying our hair. Switch the practice. Replace it with a microfiber towel or a Microfiber Hair Wrap to dry your hair. They are lightweight, soft, and easy to use. They absorb the water faster without creating any static. As a result, the hair does not frizz either.
  • Use Argan or Coffee Oil
    Applying argan essential oil or a blend of argan oil can help to counter frizzy dry hair causes. It is a lightweight, quick-absorbing oil that also gives immense hydration. One good option is the Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil that also promotes hair growth, prevents grey hair and hair fall.

    If you oil your hair with coffee oil and massage your scalp nicely, it can stimulate the hair roots, improve blood circulation and boost hair growth. It gets rid of the dry and brittle hair.
  • Use A Sulphate-Free Shampoo
    Shampoos that are sulphate-free and contain natural oils not only lock moisture, but also protect your hair against humidity. Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo contains protein, caffeine, and argan oil which helps in nourishing, moisturizing, and strengthening the hair shaft. Hence, it naturally impacts smoothness, maintains shine in the hair, and controls hair fall to a great extent.
  • Deep Conditioning
    Hair conditioners smooth your hair and reduce frizzes. Deep conditioning is the easiest frizzy hair treatment at home and best suited for repairing dry and frizzy hair. Naked & Raw Coffee Hair Conditioner will keep hair cuticles flat so that they hold in natural oils. It will strengthen your hair and fight hair dullness. The caffeine content of the conditioner helps in moisturizing the scalp, detangling the hair, and nourishing the hair shaft.
  • Wooden Hair Brushes
    Brushing your hair improves blood circulation, strengthens the roots and also spreads the natural oils throughout the scalp, thus reducing frizzy hair problems. A natural bristle brush or a Wooden Head Massage Comb does this perfectly as wood does not create static. Teakwood brushes are the best as they are durable and gently massages the scalp. Stylists also recommend boar bristles. Switching between wood, boar bristles and sometimes nylon can give the best results against frizzing.

    Frizzy and dry hair often becomes difficult to manage and shows decreased hair health. However, if you are mindful about using the right products, accessories and proper grooming, you can keep your hair healthy and smooth.
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