The ultimate guide to jade rollers

20 Nov 2021
The ultimate guide to jade rollers

It’s tough to go through any skin care influencer’s social media profile without seeing them use a jade roller or a gua sha. Face rollers and massage tools have recently been the talk of the town. A simple search of #jaderoller on instagram pulls up around 2,00,000 results!

Some claim they’re the solution to morning puffiness and improve lymphatic drainage - and if they indeed do what they claim, we don’t see a reason to not join the bandwagon. Let’s see for ourselves what the benefits of a jade roller are and whether they live up to the promise or not.

If you’re thinking of investing in a jade roller, you probably want to do your research beforehand. Are they worth it? Do they really work? Should you buy one or is it a waste of your hard earned money? We’re here to address all your doubts & questions, read on!

What is a jade roller?

Jade rollers might look like a new discovery, but they’re actually centuries old. Jade rollers have been a part of chinese skincare routines long before they became a trend on tik tok.

Putting it simply, a jade roller is a face massage tool which kinda looks like a paintbrush but with a semi precious stone. A typical jade roller consists of two stones that differ in size. The bigger one for the cheeks and the jawline, while the smaller one is best used around the eyes, nose and lips.

What makes jade so special is that it has an intrinsic property of staying and remaining cool. This cooling action is why most rollers and gua shas are made from jade. Being naturally cool, the massaging action of the stone against the skin reduces puffiness and improves blood circulation and lymph drainage. It’s also useful if you’re battling skin conditions like rosacea or seasonal allergies.

How to use a jade roller?

It's relatively easy to use a jade roller. The process isn’t very technical, and takes about 10 minutes - making it ideal for a puffy morning or unwinding before bed. Here’s how you can incorporate jade rolling into your daily skincare routine

Step 1 - It’s important to cleanse your face before you begin, and follow that up with a face oil or serum. Make sure to wipe your jade rollers so that it’s clean and fresh to use!

Step 2 - For optimum lymph drainage start at the neck, and gradually move upwards. For a more soothing experience, you may chill your gua sha in the freezer, 15 minutes before using it.

  • Using the larger oval shaped stone, apply gentle pressure and roll it in a vertical motion along your neck.
  • Moving on to the jawline, starting from the centre of the chin, move towards the earlobe. Similarly repeat on both sides.
  • Now, for the forehead, begin from the center and glide the tool towards the temples. Pay extra attention to the area around the eyebrows as we tend to furrow the brows and hold tension there. After moving horizontally, roll the jade roller vertically towards the hair line.
  • Repeat this process 10 - 12 times in each area and you should already be feeling better and relaxed! You may choose to do your skincare routine after massaging your face completely.

If you haven’t got your hands on one yet, we recommend this Jade Roller - Face Massager.

Benefits of using a jade roller

#Lymph drainage

The science behind why you should use a jade roller is actually quite straightforward. The massaging motion against the skin depuffs it, while simultaneously pushes out lymph to the lymph nodes. Once the lymph system is active, it processes and filters toxins.

#Improved blood circulation

Using face tools regularly improves blood circulation in the skin which almost instantly brightens up the face. Improved blood flow has also been linked to clear sinus paths and prevents stuffiness and puffy eyes. So goodbye morning swelling and puffy eyes.

#Soothes the skin

A cool jade roller that’s been stored in the fridge or freezer is your best bet when it comes to soothing your skin. Additionally jade is an organically cool stone which can depuff the skin. The cold stone soothes the blood vessels making them less inflamed.

#Better product absorption

Using a face roller after applying a serum or face moisturiser ensures an even and increased absorption. Using a face oil also makes the tool glide more easily and avoids any possible friction rubs or redness.

How to clean your face roller

The ultimate guide to jade rollers would be incomplete without us telling you how to clean your facial roller. All you need to do is wipe it or wash it once before using it. And afterwards too, to remove excess product and oil. This will also reduce chances of breakouts or any infection.
You can use any soft cloth material to wipe the roller. Once clean, let the roller dry and it’s ready to use.

That’s all you need to know to begin your journey with jade rollers. Happy rolling!

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