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Pre-Valentine’s skincare regime that’ll get your bae swooning

People, February is almost here! You know exactly what it means. It’s not just about the special day, but also the onset of the entire Valentine's week! We’re sure you must be thrilled to plan the perfect checklist with your bae. Perfect attire, places, even gifts. But while you put all that in order, you might wanna keep tabs on your beauty meter. You’ll need to make a note of the right tips & tricks for proper skin care before Valentines day.

Why, you ask? C’mon. It’s not some random Saturday party, it’s Valentine's!!! 

You wanna get your bae swooning with your captivating looks. This is the time to get started with some caffeinated and sensual act for your skin, hair, and everywhere else. Don’t stress over it, it’s not that much of a task if you get #AddictedToGood. 

Here are top skincare tips for Vday that’ll prep your skin and turn up the heat on your special day. Excited? Read on…

Morning Routine for skincare regime

Most of us tend to roll our eyes at the quote, ‘start your morning right’ by calling it a cliché. But, it surely makes sense. You need the right products to begin your skincare routine in the morning. Unfortunately, most of us stack up our bathroom closet with all sorts of products by falling prey to crappy promises of flawless skin. Let’s shift the conversation a wee bit.

There is no such thing as perfect or flawless skin. But, you surely can put on your investigative Sherlock hat and pull out the goodness of sulphate-free, paraben-free, clean and conscious products, with a hint of Pure Arabica Coffee and its aromatic goodness. 

And oh! along with the right products, you also need a proper routine. Like mCaffeine’s C-E-M Routine. Curious to know what it is? 

It’s CLEANSE with Coffee Face Wash, EXFOLIATE with Coffee Face Scrub and MOISTURIZE with Coffee Oil-Free Moisturizer. This routine will pamper your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients like Coffee, White Water Lily, Walnut, Hibiscus, etc., leaving it soft, hydrated and radiant right before Valentine’s. Alternatively, if you’re worried about acne ruining your date, then you can try Cappuccino Foaming Face Wash, which kills 99.9% of acne-causing germs. 

Also, don’t forget to tag along Under Eye Cream to fix those panda-like dark circles or saggy eyes that we usually get in winters. You can’t fix those in a day, so start using it now so that you enjoy eye-to-eye romance with your significant other during Valentine’s. 

Before you follow this routine, remember that: use the face scrub and exfoliate only once/twice a week. Scrubbing sheds off dead skin and opens up pores, making your skin sensitive. If you scrub further, it’ll damage your skin. Hence! 

Evening Routine for skincare regime

Coming to your evening routine. It’s fairly similar to your morning routine, but a little tweaked. Begin it with a face wash. Cleanse your face from the makeup you wear during the day.  

Right after, throw in some antioxidant-rich face serum, nicely. It’ll help fight free radicals and give a hydration boost to your skin, leaving it plump and toned. Oh and yeah, you should get yourself a Gua Sha, it helps settle the serum right into your skin. Not to mention, massaging your face with that will also carve your face and fix that jawline you’ve always craved for!

And once you’re done with that, lock in the hydration with a good moisturizer. You can try a lightweight one like Cappuccino Coffee Face Moisturizer. Massage it into your skin with upward strokes and your skin will be happier! 

What about your body? 

The above regime will give you a youthful face to shine on your big night but is your body date-ready? It’s Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year. So obviously the romance-quotient will be shooting up the sky. And the good news is, we have the right combo for you. It's a Body Polishing Kit! It includes the award-winning Coffee Body Scrub and Choco Body Butter that exfoliates the skin, removes tan and intensely moisturizes, leaving you with irresistible smooth skin. Romance-Alert!!! It’s going to be hard for your bae to keep their hands off you. Wink! Wink! 

Besides this gosh-it-actually-worked skincare regime, we think you should genuinely follow these:

  • Say yes to 8 glasses of water (and drink them for real, too. lol!)
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Get enough Zzzzs
  • Quit stressing too much

Turn your Vday into an oh-so-perfect Vday

We’ve listed the best of what there is. Now it’s your turn to follow it religiously to make sure your skin looks its ultimate best on your special day. So that you make your boo swoon over you. Go ahead and thank us later!

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