Is it Important To Oil Your Hair Before Shampooing?

20 Sep 2021
Is it Important To Oil Your Hair Before Shampooing?

Nothing brings down our confidence more than a bad hair day. A frizzy, unkempt mane can be a dampener, which is why taking good care of your hair is a crucial step in self-care. Hair oiling has long been an Indian tradition, one which helps strengthen and rejuvenate the locks.

Shampooing your hair strips it of natural and beneficial oils, making it rough and dry post washing. One way to prevent this from happening is to oil your hair beforehand, giving them an extra layer of nourishment and protection. Oiling your hair makes them more lustrous, well moisturized, and healthy. In this article, we dive deeper into how oiling your hair works.

#1 Understand your hair
The type of hair you have determines the way you care for it. If we seek to care for our hair we need to understand its needs. Your hair can be dry, curly, fine, or wavey, among many other types. Observing your hair and seeing what they need will help you select a hair oil that best compliments your hair and its requirements.

#2 Choose the correct oil
Selecting hair oil is very important and highly personal. It is possible that one type of oil may work for you, but not for your friends. Some hair oils are suited for intensive nourishment and lubrication, such as castor oil, whereas others like coconut oil soften and condition the hair. Try going in for oil which is lightweight and deeply nourishing.

You may try: Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil. It is enriched with the goodness of argan oil and caffeine, has a non-sticky formula that boosts hair growth and nourishes the scalp.

#3 Preparation
To get the most out of an oiling experience, it helps if you prepare beforehand. For best results dampen your hair and scalp lightly with lukewarm water and leave them to sit for 5 -10 minutes. This allows your hair to absorb the nutrients in the oil better and makes oiling a smoother affair.
Another top tip is to heat your hair oil slightly to get that extra relaxing head massage. Warm oil makes it easier for the scalp to absorb the goodness of oil.

#4 Getting your hands dirty
Use your fingers and slowly start massaging your scalp in gentle circular motions. This will stimulate the hair follicles and add to the flexibility of hair strands. Spend some time stimulating your roots and hair, which contributes to their softness and growth.
Oiling is a great way to unwind and relax while our hair reaps the benefits! Once you’re done with your scalp, take some oil and start to work your way through the middle and tips of your hair. Pay extra attention to the ends of your hair as they tend to suffer the most.
We understand oiling your hair before every wash is not feasible, but doing so once or twice a week will go a long way in maintaining your long and healthy locks! An easy way to remember oiling your hair is to place a bottle of oil on your nightstand, or your dressing table.

#5 How long to leave it on?
Once you’ve applied the hair oil, the minimum time to keep oil in the hair is AT LEAST an hour, but preferably longer. You can consider applying hair oil at night before going to bed and washing it off the next morning. Another way to enhance the experience is to cover your hair with a warm towel and allow the scalp’s pores to open up and absorb the oil.

For some extra indulgence, you can even go in with a scalp scrub after oiling your hair. When we think of hair care, seldom does our mind go to the importance of scalp health. A scalp scrub is a great way to take care of that. Scalp scrubs help remove any product buildup, excess oil, and dandruff from the scalp. A Coffee Scalp Scrub helps with root stimulation and healthy exfoliation.

#6 Shampooing
While washing your hair, use a gentle shampoo. We suggest checking out a sulphate and silicone-free Shampoo like mCaffeine’s Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo. We know caffeine gives us a much-needed wake-up call in the morning, but what’s uncommonly known is that it also proves beneficial for the hairs by stimulating hair growth, and preventing hair fall.
Remember to only massage and wash your scalp with shampoo, the rundown will automatically rinse the hair strands. This prevents the hair from drying out and being frizzy when they dry.

Apart from oiling, hair masks are also an excellent way to pamper your hair. Try this simple DIY hair mask recipe for super shiny and incredibly soft hair.

  • Take a bowl with some rose water, yoghurt, honey, and 2 teaspoons of any hair oil.
  • Mix well and apply the hair mask, keeping it for 30 - 45 minutes.
  • Rinse off by washing your hair as you normally would.

Lastly, we want to end this with a reminder to stay hydrated! Water keeps your hair lubricated and strengthens them in the process. Well-hydrated hair is less prone to hair breakage and split ends.

Don’t let a #goodhairday be a fantasy anymore. Incorporating these steps into your hair care routine will definitely keep your locks lustrous and healthy. The next time you’re having a tough day, kick back and relax while you indulge in a hair oil massage - that’s how we like to take the edge off. Not only will it help you unwind, but you’ll also get great hair afterwards.

Happy oiling!

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