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A great morning skincare routine & why its important

Skincare is all about knowing your skin and consistency and healthy skin is always in! We all know about dedicated nighttime skincare routines, but a good morning skincare routine is equally essential for healthy and happy skin. Both these routines are aimed at different things. Nighttime skincare addresses skin issues before the regenerative process of sleep begins, but daytime skincare is aimed at protection and preservation.

It’s never a bad idea to pamper and care for your skin, whether it’s day or night. The more care you give to your skin, the better. So, let’s break down why a morning care routine is important and how to go about it.

Why is a good morning skincare routine important?

  • Your skin goes through a lot throughout the day, so it’s important to prepare it for sun exposure, sweat, pollution and dirt in the morning with a good routine.
  • It helps remove all impurities that might have accumulated over-night or were left behind during your night-time skincare routine.

We understand nobody really has time for 10 to 12 step morning skincare routines. You’re more likely to skin your skincare routine when it’s long and complicated. So we won’t tell you to spend an hour on your morning care. But what if we tell you that you can move in the direction of a healthier skin with just 5-6 steps? We’re sure that will interest you, right? Great, we will tell you exactly that.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to morning care and nourishment for your skin:

  1. Start by cleansing your face with just water because water is the most natural thing you can put on your face and it’s a great way to wake up your skin and start your morning care. Infact, drink a glass of water when you wake up too as it helps in restoring your body’s hydration.
  2. Next up, gently cleanse your face with a cleanser or face wash that’s not harsh on your skin. Go for a low-foaming face wash as more foam is often related to harsher materials in the product. This step will help clear up the surface and any residue left on the skin from the day before. The Naked and Raw Coffee Face Wash is a great option for a gentle cleanser as it’s gentle on the skin but harsh on the dirt.
  3. Include exfoliation in your routine twice or thrice a week. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of deeper impurities and clear dead skin cells from the surface of your face. It also helps in better blood circulation with the help of massaging motions. You don’t need to and you shouldn’t exfoliate everyday as it can be harsh on your skin. Try the Cappuccino Coffee Face Scrub with Vitamin E for sun-protection.
  4. Follow it up with an antioxidant serum that helps protect against free radicals. In case you’re wondering what free radicals are, then they are unstable molecules that can cause damage to our cells as they are very reactive in nature. Applying serums as a part of your morning care is a great way to protect against free radicals as well as the sun. Naked & Raw Coffee Face Serum is a great option as the caffeine in it is antioxidant rich and the Vitamin-E protects from sun damage. You can also use a Gua Sha like this green quartz gua sha to set in the serum properly and spread it well.
  5. The next step is using a good moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Take enough moisturizer in your palm, pat it on your face and then massage it into the skin with upward strokes. Work in the moisturizer in your skin by massaging it for a minute and pamper your skin. Opt from the best-selling Coffee Oil-Free Face Moisturizer if you have an oil skin or Cappuccino Coffee Face Moisturizer which are infused with coffee and vitamins.
  6. The last step is the absolutely crucial sunscreen because your morning skincare routine can’t be complete without this one. Stepping out without sunscreen with a good SPF is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Your skin needs protection from harsh UV rays, so pat in some sunscreen and you’re good to go.

You can also add a natural toner like rosewater in the mix every now and then for added benefits. You can even try face masks once a week when you feel like doing a little extra for your skin on weekends!

With these simple steps and hacks, your morning skincare routine is bound to bear fruits and help you achieve your healthiest skin. Do tell us how your morning skincare routine went after trying it out in the comments. We wish you a happy skin day!

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