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Flaunt that sheen off your gym!

We are absolutely on your side when it comes to workout for maintaining a healthy body, but do you wonder what it takes to maintain a healthy skin? Our only aim is to add a big smile to your #sweatyselfies that are in need of much hydration post gym. Focusing on the physique and completely neglecting the skin can have dire consequences. Basic science suggests the fact that while working out the body oozes out sweat that opens up the pores on the skin and makes it vulnerable to all foreign bacteria/infection. Here’s a list of quick tricks and hacks that can be adopted pre and post workout to bring out the perfect glow. Let’s begin!

Cleansing to the rescue

Always remember to cleanse your face first and remove all the make-up before you reach the gym. The consequences of working out with makeup on can be harsh for the skin. Here’s how:

  1. The pores can clog up due to sweat and varied makeup products and refrain your skin to breathe fresh. However, washing the face multiple times a day is also harmful; balance out the wash pattern well. Careful before you hit the treadmill!
  2. In case you are planning to burn the calories outdoors, you are deeply suggested to apply a light-weight sunscreen lotion that can protect you from UV rays and has a lower SPF value. This can, in turn, play a round of reverse rapid-fire on you if you fail to choose the right sunscreen lotion that can lead to dire consequences as clogging up of pores. A little care and a gift of healthy skin and body can be yours if you walk on the right path.


Hydration: A super-essential step amidst workout

Ever faced tonnes of sticky moisturizers dripping into your eyes while you sweat it out on the treadmill? Here’s a list of quick skin care tips, apparently tricks that can help you beat the bug of skin infections:          

  1. If you are susceptible to breakouts, make sure you always carry your pack of anti-bacterial wipes at the gym as a precautionary step to avoid catching skin/face infection from other’s sweat.
  2. Always carry a napkin/towel to wipe your face during the workout to pat it dry. Using your sweaty hand can further lead to a variety of infections.
  3. Hydration is a necessary step and you are closely suggested to carry your water bottles to the gym and keep sipping in between the workout. This is a prominent reason behind your glow, do not miss out on this aspect of the workout; however, balancing it out is crucial.


Post workout cleansing and hydration 

Running home from yoga or the gym after a heavy workout? You go, girl, but are you missing out on your sunscreen? Apply it right before you hit the hard sun. You’re well aware of the sensitivity of your skin which is prone to a lot of infections post workout. Here are some quick tips on how to soothe that sweaty mass:


  1. All the #bodygoals posts on Instagram can completely go in vain if you do not nail the art of maintaining a healthy skin. Post-workout when the pores open up, the first thing you should go for is to get rid of the sweaty clothes.
  1. The next kickass step for a healthy skin can be washing the face gently with a foaming face wash or applying a chilled sheet mask for better nourishment. Make sure you use a cool towel to pat and dry the face thereafter.
  1. Also in case, that sweaty mass of your body is longing for a hot water bath, hold on! A hot shower can ruin all the hard work done by you at the gym- it kills vital oils necessary for the glowing skin.
  1. Stashing on your water-bottle or skimping on your moisturizer doesn’t always help. Smarter options to this can be staying hydrated all throughout the sweat session and choosing an oil-free moisturizer over an ordinary one.

Coffee Skin Care

In case you still hold tad doubt, let us make this clear to you a little makeup and there you go! You’ll absolutely love the sheen on your cheeks, it’s high time you choose a relevant primer/concealer that suits your skin well. These basic baby steps will push you ahead through the day fresher enough to tackle the rest of the day. Time to rock the skin care routine and GET. SET. FRESH!


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