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Complete Winter Skincare Pack

All You Need For Winter
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All you need for winter is here! The name says it all, the Complete Winter Skincare Pack is laden with skincare you would require for keeping your skin moisturized, hydrated, and nourished throughout the winter...


All you need for winter is here! The name says it all, the Complete Winter Skincare Pack is laden with skincare you would require for keeping your skin moisturized, hydrated, and nourished throughout the winter season. It has the Choco Face Mask, Coffee Face Serum, Coffee Body Polishing Oil, Coffee Body Scrub, Choco Body Butter, and Coffee Hand Cream. All the products are infused with Pure Coffee and Choco to protect your skin from winter dryness.

Pure Arabica Coffee and Pure Cocoa are a natural source of Caffeine. Caffeine helps to fight free radicals and also alleviates inflammation and reduces the puffiness of the face. Along with Coffee and Cocoa, potent ingredients like White Water Lily, Rosehip Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed, Caramel, Cocoa, and Shea Butter work to achieve hydrated, moisturized skin.

What makes it a ‘Complete Winter Skincare Pack’?

Naked & Raw Coffee Hand Cream with White Water Lily - 50 ml

Moisturizing | Soothing Aroma | Nourishes

Coffee Hand Cream has a lightweight formula & moisturizes with its potent ingredients. It soothes the skin and gets absorbed quickly without any greasiness or stickiness and gives a mattifying effect. 

Naked & Rich Choco Face Mask with Seaweed - 100 gms

Hydrates | Nourishes Dry Skin | Closes Open Pores

With pure cocoa, caffeine, and ingredients like Seaweed & Aloe, the mask takes away the dirt, pollution, and dead cells and restores the water balance of your skin. It hydrates and nourishes the skin completely. 


Naked & Rich Choco Body Butter with Caramel - 250 g

Deeply Moisturizes | Heals Dry Skin | Nourishes

With deep skin moisturization, this Choco Body Butter will elevate your tired and dull skin keeping dryness, scars, and uneven skin tone away. Its ultra-rich formula gives you the best of intensive skincare and keeps the skin deeply moisturized.


Naked & Raw Coffee Body Polishing Oil with Vitamin E - 100 ml

Lightweight | Moisturizes | Nourishes

This lightweight body polishing oil can be your go-to for pre-shower moisturization. It keeps the skin supple & away from dryness.

Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut - 100 g

Exfoliate | Removes Dead Skin | Nourishes

Remove dead and flaky skin by exfoliating with raw coffee. The coconut oil in the scrub makes sure that your skin is moisturized and smooth.

Naked & Raw Coffee Face Serum with White Water Lily - 40 ml

Hydrates | Soothes Skin | Makes Skin Supple

Hyaluronic acid in the face serum is known to hydrate the skin keeping it supple. This can be ideal for daily hydration of your face.


This set is designed to winter-proof your skin completely. It keeps your skin nourished, moisturized, and hydrated. Ideal for the face as well as the body.


You can use the coffee body scrub twice in a week, same goes for the choco face mask. You can use the coffee face serum twice daily and use the coffee body oil after or before a shower. Coffee hand cream and Choco body butter can be used as and when your skin needs moisturization.


All products are SLS Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty-Free, Mineral Oil Free & other harmful chemicals free. They are FDA Approved, Clinically Tested, Made Safe & 100% Vegan.

Moisturize & Exfoliate Body

  1. Take a generous amount of Coffee body polishing oil and apply it all over the body. 
  2. Massage gently for about 10 -15 mins. Leave the body oil on until it absorbs. 
  3. After massaging with coffee body polishing oil, use a coffee body scrub to exfoliate 
  4. Wash off excess oil and scrub with warm water.
  5. Pat dry and follow with the application of Choco Body Butter to soothe and moisturize the skin.
  6. Take pea-sized coffee hand cream and apply over the back of the hands and palms to moisturize the skin.

Hydrate & Heal Dry Skin

  1. Apply a generous amount of the choco face mask with the spatula. 
  2. Leave the choco face mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it off with water.
  3. After rinsing the mask, take a pea-sized amount of the coffee face serum on your fingertips.
  4. Gently dab the face serum all over your face. Massage the serum onto your face and neck in an upward motion.

Complete Winter Skincare Pack

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