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Bathing Bars
Bathing Bars

Bathing Bars

  • Signature Coffee Bathing Bars - Assorted (Set of 3)
    Rs. 718 Rs. 718 Rs. 897
    Cleanses | Moisturizes | pH 5.5
  • Espresso Body De-Tan Kit
    Rs. 898 Rs. 898 Rs. 1,123
    Removes Tan | Deeply Cleanses | Moisturize
  • Coffee Beans Valentine Gift Kit
    Rs. 878 Rs. 878 Rs. 1,097
    Trio of Brew-tiful Coffee Bean Shaped Bars
  • Bathing Bars

    Coffee Bathing Soap - For The Love Of All Things Coffee! Coffee lovers surely like all things coffee but there’s still something in the refreshing scent of this ingredient that can make anyone feel rejuvenated. Your morning drizzled with a...