Your ‘Edgy’ gifting guide for Valentine’s

31 Jan 2020

Step up your gifting game for this Valentine’s day! As is it just a week away and we are sure you too must be hunting for that perfect gift for your loved one. But before running to the mall to buy the same old gifts, consider gifting something different this year. It’s time to go beyond roses and candies and pick the gifts that can be gifted to both, Him and Her. Here are a few gifts for your bold valentine to make them feel loved.

So, get gifting with these bold, young and confident picks!


Body Scrubs

Go bold and give your special someone a body scrub. Scrubs make an amazing gift for anyone, these are gender-neutral and loved by all. A Coffee-infused scrub may work better as a gift as well as on the skin. Laden with rich coffee beans, Coffee body scrubs smell amazing and can make your loved one swoon over your choice of gifting. So, gift them a body scrub filled with coffee to make their shower experience revived and exceptional.


Body Oils

Want to be a bit edgy with your choice? Then choose a body oil, especially the ones which polish the body! An out-of-the-box gift, body oils can be a great addition to their self-pampering routine. A perfect de-stressing gift, this would make them remember your pick. Not just great for a me-time, a body oil can up your time with your partner as well. Unarguably it would make an exquisite gift for you both.


Face Serums

Face serums have lately become the choice of many. Face serums are loaded with super hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. These concentrates work best for every skin type especially the ones having a good content of Hyaluronic Acid.


Pro Tip: Pick a serum with ingredients that not only benefit the skin but also the senses -  a good smelling serum will do no harm! A coffee-infused serum will definitely be one enticing pick especially to perk-up dull mornings.



Choosing a gift might seem easy, but when it comes to a ‘thoughtful gift’ the choices become skimpy and hard. A considerate gift for their skincare would be perfect when your special someone loves pampering themselves. Choosing Coffee-infused gifts has a lot of skin benefits and can really make a mark on your giftee. Its time you care to capture the essence of gifting in an all-new way.

This Valentine, go bold by gifting ‘yourself’!
31 Jan 2020
Your ‘Edgy’ gifting guide for Valentine’s
31 Jan 2020
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