This Valentine, go bold by gifting ‘yourself’!

31 Jan 2020

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, while everyone is busy gifting someone, break the stereotypes and select a gift for yourself. Celebrate the relationship that you have with yourself and cherish the moments! Thinking of gifts for yourself? Let us make it a bit easier for you. Carve out time for your skincare regime and gift yourself healthy skin! Be it taking a good oil massage or giving your hands & feet that extra care. It’s time you gift a little different!


Here are a few best ways to give your skin some pampering.


Elevate your senses with Oil massages

Delve deeper in love with your body by indulging in a body oil massage session. Pick a body oil that will moisturize your skin and take care of your skin in a way nothing else does. Try massaging a coffee-infused body oil that not only moisturizes your skin but also polishes it. Also, it will be the best addition to your self-pampering routine!


Pro Tip: If you are a fan of a spa-like soothing experience, use a wooden body massager to let that oil seep in your skin, de-stress your skin and improve the blood flow in your body. This will help nourish your skin as well as get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.


Pep Up your skin game with Body Scrubs

Smooth out every nook and cranny of your body to step up your V-day game confidently. There’s nothing as indulgent as scrubbing off all the dirt and dead skin while showering. And exfoliating your body with a coffee body scrub will not only cleanse your pores but also leave the skin smooth and glowing.


Something for your hands

Add more to your experience to your self-gifting with amazing smelling hand cream. Bold tip for the coffee lovers: moisturize your hands with a coffee hand cream and the Coffee aroma is sure to stay on your hands throughout the day while making them soft and supple.


Glide on some Butters!

Express love to your skin and bring back your skin’s moisture with body butter. For those who like investing more time in pampering their skin, a body butter loaded with shea and cocoa butter can help your skin look noticeably softer and smoother. If you are into it, just slather on some choco body butter for a relaxing and soothing experience.


Finally a Face mask

Imagine enjoying a good face mask while reading your favorite book. Add a clay-based face mask to your skincare to keep tanned and dull skin away. And to dive into that complete caffeinated experience, try a good smelling face mask with ingredients like coffee and argan oil that will improve skin texture and remove all the grime and tan



Now that you know how amazing it would be to gift yourself that self pamper session, who needs those V-day roses! A considerate gift for your skincare would work better as a gift and for your skin as well. Its time you care a bit more for yourself and capture the essence of gifting with coffee-infused skincare products.
This Valentine, go bold by gifting ‘yourself’!
31 Jan 2020
Your ‘Edgy’ gifting guide for Valentine’s
31 Jan 2020
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