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Why are bathing bars better than soaps?

Bathing with soaps has become so usual for us, isn’t it? But have you ever noticed dryness, itchiness, or irritated skin after bathing or washing with regular soaps? If yes then this blog is for you!
The often considered ‘cleansing action’ of traditional soaps dry out your skin. They strip skin of essential natural oils and may result in decreased skin elasticity over time. All your skin needs is something much gentler and nourishing!

Bathing Bars are here to the rescue! Bathing Bars are known for their gentle formulation which results in mild cleansing properties. Bathing Bars are different from traditional soaps and are often described as SynDets. These are mild enough to be used on the face and for sensitive skin as well. They aren’t harsh on the skin and do not dry out the skin.

Bathing Bars Have A pH 5.5

Bathing bars have a pH of 5.5 which is the same as that of our skin. This implies that the bathing bars will not hamper the skin protective barrier and will not cause any harm to the skin.
However, traditional soaps are alkaline, having a pH around 8 which is much higher than the skin’s natural pH and hence soaps can harm your skin’s protective barrier.

Retains Natural Oils Of The Skin

Soaps are meant to cleanse the dirt and impurities from your skin. However, they don’t just rid your skin of impurities but skin’s natural oils too. And, when that happens, your skin loses moisture and becomes dry.
Bathing bars are mild cleansers which means that they do not strip the natural oils from the skin allowing it to retain its moisture.

Laden With Skin-friendly Ingredients

Often soaps are formulated with harmful ingredients such as SLS and Parabens which in turn harm the skin in various ways.
Bathing bars do not have such harsh chemicals and are usually made with skin-friendly ingredients making them a much safer and better option over traditional soaps.

Now that you know the difference between a usual soap and a bathing bar, y’all can now choose what’s best for your skin!

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