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Under Eye Care With Coffee

Never did we expect that the only way left to escape this lockdown will be sticking to our screens and going places virtually. While many of us might be loving all the late-night screen times but our eyes just aren’t.

After all the WFH on the laptop, binge-watching, and video call for hours, your eyes get exhausted. What adds more to this is your messed up sleep schedule, playing the host for problems like dark circles, wrinkles, or excess puffiness.


But all is not lost! Apart from the obvious things like getting proper sleep, eating right, and drinking enough water, patting in an under eye cream with benefits of a natural ingredient can be of great help.

Coffee can be such a helping ingredient at hand, packed with the superpowers needed to deal with all your undereye situations!


Coffee comes at the rescue to de-puff the under eyes. Not getting enough sleep can alter the salt balance in your body, making you retain more water and causing undereye bags & puffiness. But the caffeine in the coffee does the trick by shrinking the blood vessels and removing the water content because of its diuretic properties. Hello, de-puffed eyes!


 All that rubbing your eyes while you are busy binge-watching and not drinking enough water makes your under-eye skin dehydrated & dry, causing wrinkles and lines.

Gently massaging an under eye cream with the antioxidants rich pure coffee that can help hydrate under your eyes and also fight free radical damage, keeping fine lines & wrinkles at bay.


 Let’s get the hardest out of the way! When you do not sleep enough, eat wrong and mess up with your habits, the blood vessels in that area dilate and cause those pesky dark circles to appear. Being difficult to have much of an effect on, these shadows can still be relieved with a coffee-infused eye cream. Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve dark circles and also keep the skin toned and healthy.


Now that you know the benefits of using an under eye cream infused with coffee, let us tell you the correct way to apply it so that you can get the most out of it!


Chances are that you would take some cream and rub it all over the under-eye area but the skin below your eyes is very delicate and needs extra care.

To do in a correct manner-

Pat the cream lightly into your skin using your ring finger, working from the inner corner outwards; light taps may help soothe puffiness around the eye that can make circles look darker. Gently pat as you let the cream absorb.

Last, of all, remember to sleep on time and let the magic work on you!


So, now you know what to look for in an under eye cream and how to use it in a correct way, make it a part of your daily regime and get healthy skin under your eyes.

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