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Top Winter Skin Care Tips


6 top winter skincare tips to combat the cold weather

Summer or winter, a skincare routine is a must-have if you want a healthy and happy skin. But winters can be rough, as the surrounding air becomes drier and it tends to absorb water from your skin, which eventually leads to dryness and dehydration. So, it becomes all the more necessary to have a winter skincare regimen.

So, here we are, with the best skincare tips to keep dryness at bay. Save your skin from the stinging winter wind, with these tricks.

6 winter skincare tips for a soft and smooth skin

Tip 1: Switch to sulphate-free cleansers
If your skin feels tight or itchy post washing your face and body with your cleanser, it’s time you switch to sulphate-free products. Sulphate is an ingredient that is added to cleansers for the lathering effect. Although it works fine in summers, it is not recommended for winters, especially dry skin types, as sulphates have a drying effect on the skin.

Shifting to a gentle and sulphate free face cleanser and body cleanser will cleanse your skin well and keep your skin’s moisture and natural oils intact.

Tip 2: Introduce exfoliators in your regimen
Exfoliation, when done correctly, can be game-changing for your skin. It helps you remove unwanted dirt and dead skin cells and improves the cell-regeneration process, the secret to making your skin soft and supple.

This is also why your skin instantly looks healthy and clean when you exfoliate. Moreover, the products you apply post exfoliation absorb much better and have lasting effects.

But everything has its benefits and drawbacks; while exfoliation is great, overdoing it can cause damage to the skin barrier. We recommend using a gentle exfoliator like the Cappuccino Coffee Face Scrub for the face and the Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub for your hair. In winters, exfoliate only once a week and moisturize really well afterwards to have soft and supple skin.

Tip 3: Avoid hot showers and bathe with lukewarm water
Winter might seem like the best time to take long, hot showers, but you might want to hold that thought. While hot showers are tempting, they can strip the natural oils and moisture from your skin, leaving it dry. As your surroundings are mostly cold, taking hot showers can also affect and change your skin’s pH level.

Lukewarm water, on the other hand, has the perfect balance of hot and cold water that doesn’t affect your skin. You can even incorporate this body polishing duo which consists of body oil and body scrub for additional benefits. This combination is perfect for winters as the body oil that needs to be applied at first can nourish the skin and the body scrub afterwards can exfoliate the dead skin away.

Tip 4: Use hydrating face serums
Drinking adequate water every day is the most common tip for a clear skin, as it flushes out all the toxins. But, it is equally important to add a layer of nourishment from the top, in the form of topical treatments and products. As cold weather tends to make your skin dehydrated by sucking out all the moisture, providing hydration back is crucial. The best way to do this is by using a hydrating serum as it goes deep into the layers to provide nourishment from within.

The Naked Detox Green Tea Face Serum is packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, green tea, and vitamin C. All these ingredients work together to provide intense hydration along with sun damage protection and calmness.

Tip 5: Indulge in tip-to-toe moisturization
If there is one winter skincare tip that you have to follow without fail, it should be this — moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more. This should be your motto for winters as no amount of moisturization is ever enough in this season.

Both Hydration and moisturization are necessary. Do not confuse one for the other because they are very different.

To keep your skin well moisturized in winters, switch from gel or lotion-based moisturizers to cream-based moisturizers. However, if you have very oily skin, you can use light moisturizers in the daytime and heavier ones at night.

Use a moisturizing body butter for your body, and don’t forget to give your hands a little TLC as well with super nourishing and great smelling hand creams.

Tip 6: Incorporate a Sleeping Mask
If you want the goodness of face masks but do not want to strip any moisture from your face, sleeping masks are something you should consider giving a try. Overnight or sleeping mask is supposed to be the last step of your winter skincare routine that will help you lock in all the goodness used before it.

We highly recommend you try the Latte Coffee Sleeping Mask which has the perfect blend of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, almond milk, etc. to keep the skin hydrated without much effort.

Although winters are pretty much a mess for our skin, it isn’t our enemy. Winters are actually a reminder for us to take good care of our skin. So, don’t stress much and enjoy this beautiful season. Follow the above-mentioned tips and use the best skincare products for winter to keep yourself hydrated.

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