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Tips for Preventing Dry Skin After Handwashing

Getting used to living in a pandemic-stricken world, more and more people are not only upping their hand wash game but also incorporating a proper hand-care routine that leaves them with smooth, soft, and moisturized hands. Washing hands too much can cause dry skin, flakiness and can lead to cracked hands, that’s where the after-hand wash care comes in. It is important to moisturize your hands after wash, this takes care of the skin and leaves you with hands that are tempting to touch! And, how do you get this kind of pair? Follow these four simple tips for ultimate hand care.

Wash with Warm Water

It is essential to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with both soap and water. A useful tip is to sing “Happy Birthday” twice and make sure to cover palms, back of hands, fingers, wrists, and fingernails during that duration. Since 20 seconds can be a long time (in this case!) make sure to wash your hands with lukewarm water rather than hot or cold water as this suitable temperature prevents dryness of the hands. Very hot water dries out the skin and doesn’t improve efficacy, and it strips your hands of any natural oils as well. Very cold water is simply put, not that comfortable, especially in the winters.


Blot Dry

The best way to dry your hands is to blot or dab them dry rather than rubbing them with towels or other surfaces. This prevents micro-abrasions on the skin. The best way to dry is to use paper towels, but cloth is a close second. Just be mindful of using your own hand towel and you should replace it or put it to wash every three-four days for best hand health. It is important to make sure that your hands are thoroughly dried as germs are more easily transferred on wet hands.


Make Moisturization Your Skin Mantra! 

The best thing one can do for their hands, other than to keep them clean is to moisturize. Moisturize with potent hand creams that prevent dryness, flakiness, and roughness to leave you with soft and smooth hands that are tempting to touch. Get your hands on the addictive Coffee Hand Cream laden with ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. It is the perfect dry hands remedy that moisturizes, mattifies, and keeps your skin hydrated round the clock!


Be Prepared Even on-the-Go

While social distancing is in effect as we combat this outbreak, you still may find yourself out of the house. If you find yourself out of the house, there is a good chance you are going to want to wash or sanitize your hands while in a public space. Good skin care shouldn’t end when you walk out the front door, right? So make a promise to yourself of staying #AddictedToGood by keeping mCaffeine’s Hand Cream handy, always!

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