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This Winter, Put Behind Your Panda Eyes a.k.a. Dark Circles

The onset of cold weather is a bane and a boon for your skin! While there are plenty of things that you can enjoy in the winter season, it often leads to your skin, hair and body going for a complete toss. Dehydration, dryness, itchiness and the list goes on… the lack of moisture in the air doesn’t spare your skin as well! But something that has bothered quite a lot of us is the cold is the devil of dark circles!!! Not that it’s merely a winter phenomenon but dark circles have a tendency of getting worse in winters. Blame it on the lack of sunlight and the cold, dry, moistureless wind. But hold on, before you break down and hit a depressing lull wondering how to reduce dark circles, we have some good news! This winter season, follow these 6 simple steps and put behind your panda eyes, yes you heard that right a.k.a. your dark circles!

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

While dark circles (mostly) can be a predisposition of a genetic condition, sometimes a lack of hydration in the body and an iron deficiency can make them worse! In the cold and dry months of winter, keep your skin hydrated and drink plenty of water- this will keep away dullness and dryness beneath your eyes. 

2. Under Eye Cream:

You must have heard people say that a shot of coffee awakens the skin, that’s right! Caffeine has antioxidants and nutrients that can reduce puffiness, fine lines and tone your skin! The mCaffeine Coffee Under Eye cream also comes with a stainless steel eye roller cool, boosts circulation and causes better product absorption. Give it a shot!  

3. Sleep Well:

That’s right! Half of your skin problems would be solved if you get the much needed 7-8 hours of deep sleep! Baggy eyes, dark circles and moistureless skin are often caused by sleep deprivation, allowing dark tissues beneath your skin to show! So in order to get rid of dark circles, get into a routine of hitting the bed early and giving your body the rest it needs and see it do wonders to your face, quite literally!

4. Try Cold Compress:

Just wrap a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and put it under your eyes for 20 minutes! This magic trick would help in reducing puffiness & help eliminate dark circles.

5. Try some easy DIYs:

These basic at-home remedies can often do wonders for your skin! Apply damp tea bags below your eye lids for 30 minutes and later wash with cold water. Potatoes are a great source of Vitamin C and full of collagen (a boon for your skin). Just grab a few potatoes, extract out the juice and use a cotton pad to put it under your eyes for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. This routine can be done twice in a week!

6. Eat Well & Exercise:

While makeup and concealer might come handy when you need to cover your under eyes (temporarily), nothing can replace a healthy nutritious diet and regular exercise! So do not fret some light exercises and green leafy veggies in the cold winter months, they would help boost your immunity and improve your gut health. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle would substantially change the health of your skin and reflect right back on your face!

Dark circles and under eyes have bothered us since forever! Nobody likes to stand in front of the mirror, only to notice them stare right back to you. While medical treatments and cosmetic aid has been helpful in finding short term solutions to this problem, more often than not the cause of this phenomenon lies in vitamin deficiency and genetics. But we cannot forget the unhealthy diet, fatigue, sleep deprivation, lack of hydration and stress levels which contribute majorly in feeding this devil! So we must stay #AddictedToGood by trying and following the aforementioned steps and be ready to combat this devil of dark circles, this winter season.

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