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The Benefits of Adding Powder Sunscreen in Your Routine

Sun protection is not optional, there we said it. You wouldn’t go a day without washing your face but you miss applying sunscreen like its NBD. Reminder: It is a BIG deal! The first step towards self-care begins with applying and reapplying sunscreen every single day. Because believe it or not the harmful UV rays of the sun damage your skin in more ways than one. Premature ageing, dullness, sun spots and uneven skin tone are a result of not using sunscreen religiously. 

One of the common reasons why most people skip using sunscreen is because it is greasy and leaves a white cast. We can see you nod your head in agreement. Well, then you need to introduce a powder sunscreen in your routine STAT! Wait, powder sunscreen, is that even a thing? We’ll answer that and more below. 

Powder sunscreen, is that even a thing?

You may have used gel, cream and lotion sunscreen but have you heard about powder sunscreen? It has the texture of loose setting powder but offers effective protection from UV rays. The best part, since it comes in a powder format, you don’t have to worry about grease and mess! But, that’s not all. Here are a few other benefits of using a powder sunscreen. 

1. Can Be Worn Over and Under Makeup

One of the major advantages of using a powder sunscreen is that it can be worn alone directly on your skin as well as over makeup. Unlike most sunscreen products, this formula is non-greasy. In fact the fine powder blends easily to absorb excess oil and mattifies the skin leaving it smooth and soft. 

2. Easy Application and Reapplication

Switching to powder sunscreen has its perks, one of the most important being easy application and reapplication. Powder sunscreens come with a built-in brush that allows smooth and even application. Whether you’re sitting on your desk at work or hiking atop a mountain, protecting your skin from the sun becomes easy with this product in your bag.  

3. Won’t Leave a White Cast

Many sunscreen formulations are not made for Indian skin tones. This is why they end up leaving a white cast that makes your skin look unnatural. Powder sunscreen is made with a sheer powder that simply blends into the skin without changing its tone or color, thereby leaving zero white cast. 

4. Suitable for All Skin Types

Impressed with powder sunscreens and don’t know where to get it from? You can opt for India’s first Coffee Powder Sunscreen that is crafted to offer protection for up to 8 hours. The best part is that the sunscreen is made with gentle and skin friendly ingredients like coffee, caffeine kaolin clay, almond oil and vitamin E making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

Get your hands on powder sunscreen today available in both SPF 30 and SPF 50 and change the way you’ve been protecting your skin from the sun. You can also opt for Coffee Sunscreen Lotion if that’s a formulation you’re more comfortable with. No matter which one you pick, these water resistant sunscreen will get you hooked!

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