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That’s How You Set Your WFH Routine Right!

Well, well, well! It’s been two years, and Work From Home is still very much our reality. And, we know how most of us love it that way. Waking up just a few minutes before work starts, watching episodes of your favourite show while working, juggling household work in between, snacking all day, taking a 20-30 mins nap post lunch or even attending conference calls lying in bed wearing pajamas.

Life’s good, right? But somewhere in our heart, we all know that we’re getting lazy! Nodding, ain’t you? 

That’s exactly why we all need a proper routine. But before we take a look at a few home skin care tips, let’s take a quick look at the importance of a schedule. Because, we can see a few frowned faces thinking why they need a routine in the first place.

The power of a Routine when WFH:

TBH, the answer is fairly simple: TO SET THE TONE OF YOUR DAY! 

2 years of WFH is blurring the routine we used to have earlier. Waking up early, working out, taking timely meals, sorting household work beforehand, having a proper schedule for skin care at home, striking a balance between work time & personal time, sleeping on time etc. etc. But it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! Now is the time to set things right for yourself, because none of us know when we’ll be completely going back to normal, to the good old days.

So instead of rolling out of bed right before your morning call at work, begin your day early. Because, a messy morning equals a messy day. So start early, plan a blueprint of your day, exercise a bit, gather your thoughts as you prepare for the workday, settle into a positive mindset and get going! Believe it or not, you’ll feel better having control over your day, making it more successful & productive. 

Now that you know how essential it is to follow a routine, let’s see how you should set your day right:

Before work routine

You all will agree with us when we say that a perfect morning routine starts the night before. If you didn’t sleep enough on the previous night, you don’t feel fresh the entire next day. Hence, a good night’s sleep is very essential. Make it a habit of sleeping at the same time every night and get yourself enough sleep ie. around 6-8 hours sleep which is ideal for adults! 

When your alarm sets off, avoid hitting that snooze button. We know exactly how tempting it is, but self-control for 5 minutes here can help you set your entire day strong. And, oh! Don’t forget to grab that glass of water!

Then, spark your energy levels for the day with some activity. It could be anything, whether a quick run, power yoga or even weight workout. Just knock out the lazy in you with it!

The next and very important thing is to charge up some coffee for skin benefits. Just like you, your skin deserves to have a routine too. While mCaffeine comes with a wide range of personal care products, here are a few essentials to set your beauty goals in place. Try cleansing with Face Wash, scrubbing off dull & dead skin with Face Scrub & locking it moisture with Face moisturizer. You can recharge your hair care with our range, too. And, since it's winter, keep your skin guarded with 72 hours of intense moisturization with our body butter. These products will not only keep your skin & hair refreshed, but their aroma will also tantalize your senses! 

Later, get yourself dressed for the day. Why? Well, spending your whole day in PJs won't make you feel fresh. Plus, think about it, you don’t have to rush if you have to jump on a last-minute zoom call with your boss! (hahaha…!) 

Now last but not least, before you walk up to your laptop, have a hearty breakfast. That’s equally important! 

Workday routine

Make a note that you start your day at the same time. Don’t check your emails first thing in the morning. Choose a place to sit that’ll try to ensure you’re uninterrupted during work. Once you're ready to sit for the workday, make a plan for yourself. Evaluate your day’s tasks and meetings and schedule what’s realistic and achievable for you. Yes! Make it clear what’s realistically achievable to your boss, before panic and stress sets in. 


Make sure you take enough breaks in between as regular breaks are essential for both - your mind as well as your body. Take a break for lunch on time. Avoid working while eating. Try watching or listening to something you love so your mind gets refreshed. Sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for your health. So make sure you change your posture, occasionally. Standing and walking in the room while talking on the phone could be one thing. 

After work routine 

Once you call it a day at work, take time to unwind yourself. Talk to your family members or housemates, read a book, watch a movie, take a stroll down the street, or whatever that makes you feel better. Have a good meal before 9 pm and massage your hair with oil and apply night gel to soothe your skin after a long day, before hitting the sack. 

Turn the bad, good for you!

We at mCaffeine, believe in getting Addicted To Good. So, here’s a thing. We all know there are no hard & fast rules while working remotely, which is considered bad by the most. But, that’s the catch! When there are no rules, you get to set your own. So, keep in mind the above suggestions and put it on your calendar. Set it right and Carpe Diem, people!

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