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Teen Skin Health - Dos and Don'ts

The skin is the largest external organ of the human body - needless to say, we should do our very best to take care of it. Teenage years can be extra tough on your skin, making it breakout or sensitive because of hormonal changes. Keeping your skin happy needn’t be a demanding chore, it can be made a part of the day you look forward to and find soothing! If you’re looking for a simple teenage skincare routine, read on to know some vital teenage skincare tips, dos, and don’ts.

#1 Health and Hydration
The food we eat is the first thing to look at when considering matters of our well-being. To have a well-balanced, nutritious diet - by including food which is colourful and healthy is a great way to ensure we feel happy on the inside as well as look our best.

Keep track of the amount of water you drink in a day since drinking water plays a big role in the health of our skin since it helps in flushing out toxins. There is no universal prescription of water to be had by every person, but health experts recommend drinking 2-3 liters of water daily to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

#2 Gentle Face Cleansing
Regularly washing and occasionally exfoliating your face is a good idea when it comes to skincare. Our pores accumulate dirt and get clogged leading to pimples. The first line of defense against that is to keep it clean. Go in for our Anti-Pollution Kit which nourishes and exfoliates the skin, keeping it fresh and oil-free.

#3 Moisturize
Once we’ve cleaned our skin, we must lock in the moisture. Moisturizers nourish, refresh and protect our skin, keeping it supple and smooth. We recommend trying out our Coffee Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, which goes to the deepest layers and makes for the perfect daily moisturizer. In addition to moisturizers, it’s a good idea to invest in sunscreens which are a must and should be applied regularly to protect against dark spots, UV rays, and fine lines.

#4 Keep moving
It may prove a challenge to set a routine, but being physically active helps keep your body limber and happy. Pick an activity, be it a sport or a dance form. Forms of yoga and meditation also help keep our body and mind fit. Something as simple as a daily walk can help you stay active.

#5 Selfcare and face masks
Teenage skin can be uncooperative making school/college tougher than it has to be. A little extra TCL makes a big difference. Face masks are fun, and prove to be super beneficial for the skin! You can check out our range of coffee facemasks, with each smelling better than the other. Our fav is the Espresso Coffee Face Mask which exfoliates and moisturizes together, helping refine the skin.

A simple home remedy for teenage skincare can be DIY facemasks.
Try this one - Honey, fullers earth - AKA multani mitti and rose water. Make a paste, apply it onto your face and keep it for 10 minutes. Wash off to reveal glowing, and soft skin!

#6 Caffeine power
While it’s recommended to limit caffeine consumption since excess caffeine contributes to breakouts, it does work wonders when it comes to skincare! Caffeine reduces inflammation and puffiness of the skin, making it look refreshed. Our Must-Have Coffee Face Duo (facewash - serum combo) is packed with antioxidants and provides you with the coffee boost your skin needs.

#7 Hands-free
Touching your face too frequently or with dirty hands may result in pimples and buildup. We understand it’s very alluring to pop pimples, but it’s best to fight the urge and let them heal in their own time. Pimples allow broken skin to heal and recover in their own time. Popping pimples may also lead to scars and spots which take longer to heal. Green tea, which is rich in antioxidants also helps with acne, so make sure to check out our Green Tea Kit.

#8 Over-experimenting
Trying out products that best suit your needs is a fantastic way to achieve the skin goals you set. However, over-use of products or constant changes in your skincare regime can lead to irritated skin. Plus, one must use some products for a while before they see visible results. So be patient, but be quick to ditch a product if it is harming your skin. You can go in for our simple Coffee C-E-M Routine (cleansing-exfoliating-moisturizing), which keeps your skin feeling its best. Enriched with all things caffeinated, it has our top-selling coffee face wash, scrub, and moisturizer, and makes for the perfect daily skincare routine for teenagers.

#9 Know your skin
To know what’s best for your skin it’s important to know what your skin type is. The first step towards keeping your skin happy is matching your skin type with your skin care. Identify your skin as dry, oily, or combination, and try to pick products that cater specifically to your skin type.

Your skin can change due to a variety of reasons like hormones, the environment, food habits, or genetics. If you’re unsure about your skin type, consider making an appointment with a dermatologist, who’ll help you understand your skin type better.

These simple tips will keep your skin healthy and looking great, but at the same time, it’s important to remember that teenage life is characterized by an ever-changing body. So don’t be frightened by the way your body changes and try not to get too stressed out - all of us have skins that are unique and have different requirements.

As cliched as it might sound, teenage years are truly the best years of your life, even though it might not seem so right now. We must foster a sense of acceptance with our bodies as they are. Some things will remain a feature of our skin, and that’s nothing to worry about. Try out new things which bring you joy, because happiness, both mental and physical is reflected by our bodies.

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