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Summer Hair Care Tips

Soaring temperatures and rising humidity can spell doom for even the healthiest of hair. As the mercury rises, let’s make sure we’re giving some extra love to our tresses by following a proper summer haircare routine.

While summer may be about basking in the sun and enjoying care-free days, it comes with a variety of problems that can wreak havoc on our luscious locks. The sun and UV rays are harsh not only for our skin, but also our hair - making it brittle, weak, and dry. Increased sweat and dust give way to all kinds of hair issues including dandruff, split ends, frizziness, and hair fall.

While the sunshine and sweat are here to stay, we want to make sure you’re keeping your hair issues away. Read on to find some natural hair care tips and tricks to keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long.

1. Go easy on the shampoo

How often should we wash our hair is a dilemma we all face. Washing your hair more frequently than required can leave them looking dry and lifeless. On the other hand, skipping the shampoo for a few extra days leads to oil buildup. Even though there’s no one right solution that suits everyone, the idea is to keep your hair and scalp clean without stripping them of natural oils that keep them healthy. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week works well for most hair types.

Another thing people often are confused about is how to choose the right shampoo. We recommend opting for a sulphate & silicone-free shampoo. Sulphate in your shampoo may strip away too much moisture for your hair, making it limp and dull. We’d encourage you to check out our newest Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo - The unique coffee-infused formula works wonders for hair fall - helping to deep cleanse your scalp, the caffeine promotes hair growth, and the extra dash of argan oil moisturizes and takes care of hair smoothness & shine.

2. Resist the heat

Reducing the hair’s exposure to heat is an important summer hair care tip. Not just from the sun, but also hair styling instruments. We often give in to blow-drying/ straightening our hair for every outing, but doing so frequently leads to damaged hair. A simple way to cut down on heat exposure is to avoid using a hairdryer every time and let your hair air dry naturally. While it may not be possible to completely give up heat styling, using a low heat setting and investing in a good heat protection serum or oil can go a long way. This also means taking it easy with those long hot water showers as hot water weakens the roots and dries out the scalp.

3. Condition & oil

Our busy lifestyle and the polluted environment take a toll on our tresses, leaving them frizzy and undernourished. An important part of hair care during summer is keeping our hair hydrated and the 2 most effective ways to do so are by conditioning and oiling. Make sure you deep condition after every wash - only the lengths of your hair and never near the roots. A conditioner replenishes the moisture and prevents your hair from drying out too quickly.

When it comes to choosing an oil for the hair we recommend going in for a lightweight and nonsticky formula, which doesn’t weigh down your hair. Take a look at our range of hair oils and take your pick. The Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil is nourished with ingredients like argan oil which moisturize the scalp and make sure your hair is smooth & shiny.

You can also try using diluted aloe vera gel as a DIY natural hair care spritz.

4. Hats ON

Haircare during summer can be tricky - but it’s best to escape sun exposure for long hours for healthy hair. Scarfs and hats make for great summer accessories and double up as a stylish way to protect your hair from the sun. Tying your hair to reduce damage by contact before going out can also protect your hair. Avoid tying your hair too tight and instead, go for summery braids and buns.

5. Colour care

If you’re one for colored and exciting hair, summer calls for extra care. Hair treatments can damage the hair and make them look rough and faded. For coloured hair, we recommend using products that specially cater to treated hair and avoid direct sunlight at all costs, especially if you’ve recently got your hair coloured.

6. Haircare for the pool

Summers are the perfect time to hit the pool and splash around but don’t neglect your hair while doing so. Anyone who swims knows that chlorine can seriously damage our hair. It’s better to go in all prepped and avoid any serious damage. Remember to rinse your hair before and after swimming. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil before wearing your swimming cap to add an extra layer of protection.

7. Scalp scrubbing

Just like we use body scrubs to exfoliate the buildup from our skin, scalp scrubs remove dirt, oil, and dead cells that block the roots of our hair. In doing so, scalp scrubs help reduce irritation and dandruff caused by oil and grime. Check out our Coffee Scalp Scrub which helps with dandruff control and helps you get the healthiest scalp! We know those gorgeous long locks didn’t grow overnight, so make sure you’re using only the best products to take care of them.

Don’t let a good-hair-day be a summertime myth. By simply following this summer hair care routine and using the right products you can achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

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