Skincare You’ve Got to Follow Based on Your Zodiac Sign

10 Feb 2022
Skincare You’ve Got to Follow Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Skincare based on your zodiac sign… A lil hard to believe, no? Well, zodiac signs represent your characteristics & personality traits. And, these surprisingly tailor your skin care needs. So just like reading horoscopes for the day gives you a sense of order, reading this will give your skin the similar feel. 

So, sit tight and check out the different skincare products or skincare regime you need to follow according to your stars.

Skincare routine for Aries

Ruled by the Fire element, Aries are fiery, impulsive and impatient. So no loooong skincare routines for you! Because y'all are the breed who believes in work smarter but harder. And, we’ve the perfect one for ya… it’s mCaffeine’s C-E-M Routine. What is that? Thought you’d never ask! It’s a ten minute routine where you CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE and MOISTURIZE. And oh! Don’t forget to add sunscreen to your routine. This all will ensure your skin stays as energetic as yourself! 

Skincare routine for Taurus

The taureans are steady yet tenacious ones. Y’all invest time and get things right. A daily proper skincare regime won’t give creases on your forehead. So for you, morning and nighttime routine could be all about masking - cleansing - moisturizing. And, we bet these taureans will follow this routine even if their schedule is tight! 

Skincare routine for Gemini

Ruled by the Air element, you’re the most resilient and adaptable personality. And, hence, you’d love a skincare routine that's as flexible as you are. Betcha! Also, since y’all are quite up for experimenting with regimes, we suggest you indulge in a morning routine that begins with under eye cream - cleansing - serum - moisturize - . Sounds great?

Skincare routine for Cancer

Known for being overly emotional and capricious sometimes, Cancereans need a skincare routine according to their mood. So when you have a long day, stick to a stress-free routine that’s basic like cleansing - face masking - moisturizing. And other times you can indulge in either body polishing regime or lip care regime or even both! 

Skincare routine for Leo

Oh, these are the vivacious and the passionate ones. These kings and queens of the jungle need every kind of product to pamper their skin. For y’all, an all-inclusive skincare regimen works the best! Like… Cleanse - exfoliate - put face mask - face serum - eye cream - moisturize - lip polish - body polish - aaaand, the list never ends.

Skincare routine for Virgo

When it’s about the meticulous ones like Virgos, they need everything perfect! No wonder they’re known as perfectionists. No wonder they like to appear all good and are always inclined towards a multi-products regime. That’s exactly why you need to get your hands on - Cleanser - facial serum - facial moisturizer - eye cream in the morning and Cleanser - night gel - lip sleeping butter at night.

Skincare routine for Libra

Here comes the flirty Librarians who know how to be date ready all the time. Just like trying a different date look all the time, these people also love to explore something new in skincare. All. The. Time! So for you, we suggest you to choose a routine that is categorized based on your concerns. It could be anything from tan removing, fixing stretch marks or cellulite to pore care & face polishing and healing chapped lips

Skincare routine for Scorpio

Scorpions are the obsessive ones. Another sun sign that’s so determined that when their hearts set on something, they don’t hold back! Soft & smooth skin always tops everyone’s list, even on scorpions. So you people can indulge in - cleansing - scrubbing in the shower - exfoliating lips & face before bed -  face masking.

Skincare routine for Sagittarius

Sagittarians are no-fuss and all-upfront people. So you guys cut the drama of clinging onto different skincare regimens. Instead, prefer sticking to a simple yet effective routine. For y’all the best routine would be - cleanse - moisturize - sunscreen.

Skincare routine for Capricorn

Oh! Here are the realists  who don't believe in daydreaming about getting a job by using a fairness product. These Capricorns are so practical, they’d rather follow one routine and get desired results than splurge over 10 different routines with different products. So for y’all the right routine would include - face masking - cleansing - applying a serum - moisturizing - applying eye cream.

Skincare routine for Aquarius

Here are the ones whose life sticks around the word ‘loyalty’. These people are not only loyal, but also love being loyal to things in their life. Same goes when it comes to their beauty goals. They are truly devoted to a skincare routine that includes cleansing - applying a serum - moisturizing - applying eye cream - applying sunscreen. 

Skincare routine for Pisces

Pisceans are the idealistic ones who, instead of running behind every product, love to try fewer but good skincare products. They believe in being patient and banking on their ideal skin routine. So the best routine for you would be - cleansing - exfoliating twice a week - moisturizing - eye cream - face masking once in a week.

Now that you’ve seen what’s best for your skin, it’s time to follow it and gravitate your skin towards good addictions. Try these and thank us later!

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