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Skin care post delivery

Childbirth is without a doubt the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life but it also brings along a lot of changes that can impact a woman both mentally and physically.
Everything, right from your wardrobe to your skin undergoes changes. At times it can be difficult to watch your skin go from perfect to not so perfect but the good news is that these changes are temporary and your skin can go back to normal with just the right care!

Childbirth is a feeling that fills you with felicity yet leaves you with a lot of apprehensions. Right after giving birth your life will get centred around your little one, which can be very exhausting for you and your skin too. Thus postpartum skin care becomes very necessary. Sparing 10 minutes every day for skincare will surely give you some mind-blowing results and people around you will be surprised by your post-pregnancy comeback!

As we know, pregnancy is a beautiful journey but it impacts every woman differently. While some women glow post-pregnancy like never before, others might face issues like dryness, acne and loss of sheen. Post-pregnancy your skin is very fragile and requires extra care. Thus it becomes essential to include certain products in your skincare regimen that help to protect, repair and enhance the appearance of your skin. Below mentioned are some products that new mothers should definitely check out:

1. Serums
A serum is a concentrated blast of nutrients for your skin. Post-delivery when the nutrient and vitamin levels often go down in a woman’s body, serums come in handy to provide that added nutrition to your skin so that it does not go dull. Thus it becomes important to use serums, especially post-pregnancy, to retain the sheen of your skin. Like any other skincare product, cleanse and moisturize your skin first and then apply the serum. Do not rub it excessively, let the skin soak it in.

2. Night creams
Our skin doesn’t act the same way at night as it does during the day. When you are asleep, your skin is active, working to repair the damage caused during the day and regenerating itself. Post-pregnancy, the damage done to your skin is more. So using a night cream before sleeping helps accelerate tissue repair and promotes cell renewal, which keeps your skin hydrated, thus preventing the signs of aging.

3. Essential oils

Essential oils are evaporative aromatic oils derived from plants. While being a new mother is not easy as you experience a myriad of emotions ranging from joy, sadness, confusion, and even frustration, all this can add up to turn into stress at times. Today, we realize that essential oils are healing, soothing, regenerative and have aromatic benefits that help you relax and release stress. Thus using essential oils post-pregnancy can help you calm down and feel good. And once you feel good from within, your skin will automatically brighten up, leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

4. Masks and Treatments
Masks help to trap the moisture in your skin and thus are a great way for giving an extra boost to your skin. Pregnancy can often leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. In this case, masks and treatments come in handy. They help to hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supple.

While incorporating the above products in your skincare regimen is essential, so is taking care of yourself. The above products work even better if you are consuming nutrient-rich food, drinking enough water, working out and resting well. All these factors impact our skin in various ways and so it is necessary we take care of it.

One more common problem faced by most women is stretch marks. Stretch marks are basically irregular lines or streaks on the skin that happen post-pregnancy because our muscles get stretched due to increased fat. Women are often worried about stretch marks and want to get rid of them, either by hook or by crook. So here are some home remedies for how to reduce stretch marks post-delivery:

Acid is known to reduce stretch marks. So you can apply some lemon juice over the marks and notice the result in a couple of days.
Aloe vera is known to provide a soothing sensation to the skin. Applying aloe vera gel on the affected area helps.

  • Massaging is the best and one of the most effective ways to reduce stretch marks. So regularly massage your belly, thighs and chest with castor oil and olive oil.
  • The antiseptic properties of honey help in reducing stretch masks. Apply honey on the stretch marks and leave it till it dries. Then rinse using water and pat dry the area.
  • Sugar is again one of the best remedies for removing stretch marks. Mix some sugar with lemon juice and use it as a scrub over stretch marks before going for a shower!
  • Potato juice is another good option. Take the juice of a potato and let your skin soak into it to visibly reduce stretch marks.
  • Exercises help to regenerate muscles and tone the skin, the loosened skin gets tightened thus diminishing stretch marks.

Having your little one around will keep you occupied most of the time so for mothers who are unable to make a lot of time for themselves, apart from the DIY masks mentioned above, you can also go for the naked and raw coffee body polishing oil which is as good as using home remedies because it is made of natural ingredients like rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. Use this oil for stretch marks reduction and see the difference!

While you celebrate the arrival of your little one, embrace the right skincare routine and look as fabulous as before! The above-mentioned remedies are some ways to take care of your skin and reduce stretch marks postpartum. They might not give an instant result but have proven to be effective over a longer period of time. While you are working on your post-pregnancy body, do not overburden or overstress yourself, just remember that every scar is beautiful and you should adorn it as is! Happy motherhood!

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