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Six Gifts Every Skincare Junkie Would Love

The idea behind a gift is to symbolise your affection and love for the person at the receiving end. However, an ill-thought gift might have the opposite effect. If you’re someone who has a tough time picking out gifts for people, you’ve come to the right place. We understand why selecting gifts can be a burden. A practical yet heart-warming gift is what makes it special, and we’re here to help you pick out the most thoughtful and premium presents for your loved ones.

Here are 6 recommendations which would make for perfect gifts. What’s better, they’re all gender-neutral, and would please even the pickiest people out there!

#1 For the coffee lover
Crafted with the goodness of pure arabica coffee, this coffee beans gift set is an unparalleled gift for someone who’s obsessed with coffee. The set contains a trio of coffee-bean shaped bathing bars and a fancy wooden soap dish. Each bathing bar smells divine and is uniquely crafted to elevate your shower experience. Anyway, who doesn’t want to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, for breakfast and bathing?

#2 For the hair conscious
A good hair day is tough to come by, but with the right products, it isn’t impossible. Check out this Hair Care Kit which makes for the perfect gift for someone who likes to go the extra mile for their hair. The kit contains an exfoliating scalp scrub, nourishing hair oil and hair fall control coffee shampoo. That’s not all, these products are accompanied by a handcrafted wooden wide-toothed hair comb and a cute spoon. Wooden combs are great for frizzy hair and prevent hair breakage.

#3 For the self-care enthusiast
Looking for the perfect gift for someone who likes to indulge in a bit of self-pampering? This Coffee Mood Kit might be all you need. A favourite amongst those who take their skincare seriously. The coffee-infused kit contains a face wash, face scrub, face mask, and body scrub - making it ideal for daily skin nourishment and hydration.

#4 An easy way to say ‘eye’ care for you
Check out this simple yet effective, 2-step hydration routine. The Coffee Prep - Gift Kit is a moisture duo of under-eye cream and face serum. The serum is the perfect product for express hydration, while the eye cream works wonders for puffy eyes and dark circles. The duo also helps reduce sun damage and protects against the sun’s UV rays.

#5 The perfect stress buster
Let a loved one unwind and relax after a tough day by using this Coffee De-stress - Gift Kit. Accompanied with a handcrafted wooden massager, the kit contains a coffee body scrub and body polishing oil. Exfoliation is a therapeutic way to wind down and massage your body to increase blood circulation and get that glowing skin!

#6 For a loved one who’s always on the go
Know someone who loves a weekly detox? This Face Kit makes for the ultimate detox regime. Perfect for someone who’s always out and about. Our skin bears the brunt of daily dirt, pollution and sun rays, making it look dull and prematurely aged. This detox kit has a calming aroma and helps clear out any impurities from the skin. It consists of a face wash, face scrub, serum and night gel. Your loved ones deserve the best skincare, and it doesn’t get better than this!

Now you don’t need to worry about searching for the right gift or buy last-minute cliche gifts! Take your pick from these signature gift sets and you’re good to go. To personalise your gift you can even pair these gift sets with flowers, scented candles, a handmade card or anything else that you know your loved one enjoys.

Here are a few additional tips that’ll help you choose a good gift

#1 Plan ahead - Last-minute gifts often fail to stand out or make their recipient content. Make sure to put in some thought about what the person receiving the gift likes, and what’s sure to make them happy.

#2 Keep in mind practical utility - Extravagant gifts don’t always work out well. We all can relate to being gifted a gorgeous mantlepiece that just sits in our living room now. Before buying a gift, think about its utility and how often it’ll be used. Research shows that day-to-day items make for better gifts as compared to rare out of the box gifts.

#3 Try to personalize the gift - Personalization goes a long way in gifting. Everyone loves a handmade card or a handmade gift, but we understand that it can be a long time commitment.
If you’re looking for something quick and simple - a handwritten gift card with a shared anecdote can add a lot more emotion to the gift!

#4 Don’t stress about it - Lastly, we recommend not overthinking the gift. If there’s absolutely nothing you can think of, sometimes the simplest thing to do is ask the receiver what their preference is. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts!

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