Scalp Exfoliation - benefits and how to do it

19 Jan 2022
Scalp Exfoliation - benefits and how to do it

We can’t imagine what it is like to be  exposed to dust, pollution, heat and chemical treatments, everyday. But our hair still manages. However, amidst all this, it is quite challenging to keep our hair healthy and shiny. While you may be working on your hair with shampoo, conditioner, serum and mask, a dirty scalp may shatter your dreams.

We know what you are thinking, isn’t that what a shampoo does? Well you might be wrong here, shampooing alone is not enough and scalp exfoliation is important to keep the scalp clean and free from bacterial buildup. In this article, we will be listing all you need to know about scalp exfoliation, its benefits and how often you should do it. Read below to find out more. 

What is Scalp Exfoliation?

The scalp is the area from where the hair starts growing. To maintain healthy hair, it is important to keep it clean. Scalp exfoliation refers to scrubbing or exfoliating the scalp to remove dead cells, dirt buildup and dandruff. These buildups are caused due to environmental factors or due to chemical-rich hair products.

Exfoliation helps the revival of the scalp and stimulates the healthy growth of hair. Apart from this, massaging the scalp during the session triggers blood circulation and even helps in relaxing the muscles and improving the mood.

Who should get Scalp Exfoliation?

If you have any or more than one of the below, you should get scalp exfoliation:

  • Dry skin: People with dry skin tend to have extra dead cells on the scalp that needs exfoliation
  • Dandruff: Everyday exposure to the environment leads to dandruff. If you are suffering from dandruff then you should consider scalp exfoliation
  • Oily Scalp: If you have an oily scalp, it is sure you tend to build up dirt on the oily scalp. Scalp exfoliation is a must for people with oily scalp

Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation

Beauty experts swear by the numerous benefits that scalp exfoliation offers. These are: 

  • Cleanses Scalp: The first benefit is that it cleanses the scalp and removes any extra build-up. This build-up prevents the breathability of the follicles and stops the healthy growth of hair. Exfoliation also removes the product build-up on hair caused by styling products like hair sprays and gels
  • Promotes Hair Growth: When the build-up is removed from the scalp, it allows the follicles to promote the healthy growth of hair. Also, exfoliation helps in boosting blood circulation while scrubbing
  • Promotes Shinier Hair: Dirty scalp poorly affects the quality of your hair. Exfoliation helps improve follicle quality and promotes shinier hair. Additionally, exfoliating the scalp helps in removing hard water build-ups on the scalp
  • Forbids Dry Scalp and Dandruff: Exfoliation helps to avoid dandruff or flaky skin on the scalp and promotes natural nourishment and boosts healthy hair
  • Scalp Massage: Scalp exfoliation helps in gently massaging the scalp which results in improved blood circulation. The exfoliation session helps in providing a luxury bathing experience by relaxing your muscles

How often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation is necessary, however, shouldn't be done regularly. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week while keeping sufficient gaps between the sessions. It helps the scalp absorb the goodness of the exfoliation and prevents losing natural oils that are vital for healthy hair.

How to exfoliate?

Knowing all the benefits of scalp exfoliation, we know you are eager to know about the process. Beauty advisors recommend scrubbing gently using your fingers. For people with a sensitive scalp, consider a dermatologist before indulging in it. For scalp renewal, try Coffee Scalp Scrub that is loaded with pure coffee powder, natural AHA, rosemary and caffeine. Coffee, being a natural exfoliant, helps gently scrub the scalp and prevents dandruff from causing germs. It is silicone and sulphate free and is a perfect example of nature in a jar.

The process:

  • Take some product in your hand, and apply it to your head. Try to avoid most of the hair shafts
  • Next, scrub in circular motions with your fingers to gently remove dead skin cells and buildup
  • When you are done massaging the scrub, rinse it off with water. Say hello to a clean and healthy scalp! 

The coffee scrub enhances the exfoliation process with its rich coffee aroma, which will keep lingering on your senses, even post-wash.

When choosing the scalp scrub, choose one that is free from harsh chemicals. And this is why we recommend using our Coffee Scalp Scrub because it will help in promoting healthy hair in the long run.

Incorporate a Scalp Scrub for healthier hair

Not many of them know that scalp exfoliation has become a necessity considering the rising pollution and everyday exposure to sweat and sun. Now that you read everything you need to know, you can pamper your scalp with exfoliation and make way for healthy, shiny hair.

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