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Reasons Why Hyaluronic Acid Should Be a Part of Your Skincare Routine

Hydration is undeniably the secret to making your skin soft, smooth and glowing. And one such ingredient that helps keep the skin deeply hydrated and healthy is Hyaluronic Acid. If you’re one of those who notices what goes in your skin care product, you’ll find it as an active ingredient in any product that promises hydration and good skin health.  

The name may sound intimidating at first, considering it has the word acid in it, but the truth is that our skin cells naturally generate Hyaluronic Acid to keep up moisture levels. As one ages and with exposure to various environmental factors and pollutants, these levels start to drop. All hail this skincare ingredient, just a minuscule portion of Hyaluronic Acid for the face can do wonders in reviving the skin's health and restoring its lost radiance.

Let's learn more about the properties of this super ingredient. It is a naturally occurring sugar that has an incredible ability to bind and retain water molecules. It is known for its ability to bond water to tissue. Hyaluronic Acid is most abundant in the skin accounting for 50% of the total body’s content. As little as a single gram of Hyaluronic acid has the remarkable ability to retain up to six liters of water! This effectively encapsulates the significance of Hyaluronic Acid for the skin, and it is now time to explore the wide range of benefits this stellar ingredient has to offer!

So what are the benefits of hyaluronic acid and how it helps achieve healthy skin goals? Let’s find out.

1. Gently Hydrates the Skin

The primary benefit of Hyaluronic Acid for the face is that it provides the skin with a surge of hydration. Not only does it hydrate the skin, but also maintains the hydration level of the skin. If you’re one of those who struggle with dry skin issues, then this ingredient is your go-to solution that will turn your skin woes into skin that glows! Especially during the winter season, this ingredient should definitely be a part of your skincare regime to keep dry skin at bay! Isn't this such a win-win moment for the skin? Just a tiny portion of it and soft, hydrated skin is here to stay!

2. Improves the Skin Texture

Apart from being your skin’s best friend when it comes to hydration, Hyaluronic Acid once again proves its worth as it helps in smoothing out the skin’s texture. As one ages, the skin gets thinner and drier. By including Hyaluronic Acid in the skincare regime, these aging effects can be delayed, making the skin feel youthful, smooth and supple!  

3. Offers Anti-aging Benefits to the Skin

As we age and due to excessive sun exposure, Hyaluronic Acid levels in the skin deplete, leading to the first and most dreaded signs of aging, wrinkles! Hyaluronic Acid can significantly reduce the depth of these wrinkles, thus boosting skin firmness and elasticity. With a Hyaluronic Acid enriched skin-care regime, youthful skin will be yours for a long time! 

4. Great For All Skin Types

The best part about Hyaluronic Acid is the high versatility it offers, so any skin type can reap the benefits of this super ingredient. It works its magic on all types of skin, right from sensitive and oily skin to skin that is prone to acne. Definitely a skincare essential for everybody out there struggling to achieve long-lasting hydration for the skin!

5. Supercharged with Antioxidants

Hyaluronic Acid is known to be a powerful antioxidant and can shield the skin from pollution and free radicals. It helps to battle oxidative damage to the skin. Therefore, another reason to make sure that this potent ingredient is part of your skincare essentials. 

Now that we know the many benefits of this hero ingredient, it's time to actually experience these benefits with the Coffee and Green Tea Sheet Masks. The sheet masks range are crafted to leave the skin glowing, in just 15 minutes! Isn’t that amazing? Hyaluronic Acid present in the sheet masks penetrates the skin's deeper layers and replenishes it, revealing a hydrated glow. So, here’s a quick run through the entire range of sheet masks. The Coffee Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid as the primary ingredient, delivers on its promises by offering an instant hydration boost to the skin. The Coffee Sheet Mask with Vitamin C consists of Hyaluronic Acid as the supporting ingredient and is indeed a great pick to achieve a fresh and natural glow! The Coffee Sheet Mask infused with Coconut Water also features Hyaluronic Acid as the key to a hydrating skin glow.

Green Tea Sheet Mask with Vitamin C supercharged with Hyaluronic Acid that detoxifies and hydrates the skin for an eternal glow! Green Tea Sheet Mask with Fruit AHA Mix also contains Hyaluronic Acid as the supporting ingredient for ultra-hydrated skin. Lastly, Green Tea Sheet Mask with Niacinamide is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, making it a go-to quick fix for healthy and hydrated skin. The biodegradable fabric of the sheet mask delivers cotton-like comfort for that extra bit of added comfort and indulgence.

How To Use:

Step 1:
Apply mask on cleansed face

Step 2:
Keep it on for 15 minutes before removing

Step 3:
Pat in the excess serum on face and neck 

The Latte Coffee Sleeping Mask literally makes for an overnight fix for ultra-hydrated, glowing skin! Infused with the goodness of Pure Arabica Coffee and Caffeine, the potent duo is powered with the super properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, making the sleeping mask a one-stop solution to wake up to ultra-hydrated and plum skin!  It promotes overnight skin repair and nourishes the skin with 48 hours of hydration and moisturization. The Pure Arabica Coffee and Caffeine tone the skin. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin and makes it appear plump, while Niacinamide effectively repairs and conditions the skin by reducing blemishes and evening out the skin tone. 

The all-in-one sleeping mask should be the last step of your skincare regime and with every use of the mask, you will only wake up the best of skin health and hydration, bidding goodbye to all your skin woes! The delicate and earthy Coffee notes of the mask are sure to get you #AddictedToGood. Another bonus benefit of the sleeping mask is that it lends a calming effect to your senses, helping you destress, while restoring your skin overnight. Surely, it makes for a must-have in your skincare regime that can help you in achieving the kind of hydrated skin you have always desired! To further improve the texture of the skin, you must definitely add vitamin c in your skincare routine stat.

How to Use

Step 1:
Clean your face with a mild face wash and uniformly apply a thin layer of Latte Coffee Sleeping Mask on your face and neck, massage well.

Step 2:
Leave the mask on overnight and wash it off next morning.

Step 3:
Use it daily as the last step of your night skincare routine.

What distinguishes these products from the rest on your skincare shelves? The fact that they are suitable for all skin types and is gender neutral. Besides the great versatility that they offer for every skin type, they are also Peta Certified, 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, SLS Free, Dermatologically Tested, FDA Approved, Silicone Free, Made Safe and Made In India. 

Make these masks an unmissable part of your skincare regime and you'll experience that super soft and hydrated skin is here to stay! 

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