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Rakhi Gift Kits That Will Make Your Sister Go Wow!

Siblings share a special bond - you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. But no matter how much you fight, a sibling’s bond is unbreakable and they will always go the extra mile to keep you happy and show that they care, even if the gesture and emotion aren’t directly displayed. 

Raksha Bandhan is right around the corner, and this means you have to pick a gift that will show your sibling how much they mean to you. But finding the perfect gift for sisters is especially difficult. What does she like? What’s her favourite colour? All this may seem a bit confusing and overwhelming for someone who knows nothing beyond a box of chocolates. We get it, that’s why we’ve come up with a bunch of Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for every type of sister. Scroll down to pick a gift that she would totally fall in love with!

1. The Workaholic

Does your sister work day and night without taking a breather? Then, there’s no better gift than something that will relax her body and senses. A De-Stress Gift Kit will give her the opportunity to take a break from her busy schedule and enjoy some me time. The mCaffeine gift kit includes Coffee Body Scrub and Coffee Body Oil along with a massager. Not only will her body and skin be relaxed, but her sense will keep her chaotic mind at bay!

2. The Hard to Impress 

We all have that one sibling who is so picky and difficult to impress, it almost becomes impossible to find the perfect gift for them. Worry not, because we may have something that she will totally love! The Coffee & Choco Cocktail Kit makes for a perfect skin BFF! It includes Coffee Body Scrub and Choco Body Lotion that exfoliates and deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving the skin craving for more! Trust us this is something she will totes fall in love with! 

3. The Adventurer 

Is your sister’s middle name wanderlust? Or does she love the beach, sand or the sun? We might have a kit that will be perfect for her skincare needs. Our Coffee Travel Gift Kit makes for the perfect gift because it includes Coffee Face Serum, Under Eye Cream, and Coffee Hand Cream that will keep her skin hydrated, nourished and moisturized on the go! Wherever she goes, this caffeinated trio will keep her skin healthy.

4. The High Maintenance

If your sister’s online orders include skincare products more than anything, we might have just what you are looking for. The Coffee Look - Gift Kit is specially curated for skincare enthusiasts. It includes Coffee Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Face Serum, and Undereye Cream to give the receiver’s skin a caffeine boost and their senses a whiff of delicious aroma! Once this Gift box reaches her, trust us she will forget about all the bad gifts you’ve given in the past.

5. The Giver 

Affection, advice and money, your sister is always there to care for and provide you with everything you need. It’s time to return the favour and spoil her with something special. So, what is it that you can give her that will make her feel loved and special? Our Coffee Moment Gift Kit is the perfect gifting option for the sister who cares deeply. Treat her skin with a coffee blend of Coffee Body Scrub, Coffee Face Wash and Coffee Face Scrub. The kit helps exfoliate, deeply cleanse and remove blackheads. So shower her and her skin with love and care with our gift kit.

You may fight each other, but the love between two siblings is unconditional. So this Raksha Bandhan, protect the beautiful bond you and your sister share with gift kits that care. mCaffeine is a premium Natural and 100% Vegan and cruelty-free brand that will get you and your skin #AddictedToGood

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