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Put Caffeinated Scrubbing on Your Skin & Hair Care List

Summer can wreak havoc on the best of beauty routines. Sweat and sebum production are one of the primary concerns that are at an all-time high during the warmer months. This invites a slew of challenges like acne, bacne (back acne) and itchy scalp. Not to mention skin tan is another concern that worries almost everyone. 

But hey, Caffeine’s got your back! (face & scalp too). Exfoliating your skin & scalp with coffee infused scrubs twice a week is the best way to tackle summer beauty woes. Want to know how? The answer is simple! By getting #AddictedToGood. Read on…

Corrects uneven skin tone

Is uneven skin preventing you from wearing your favourite beachwear? Don’t worry, you’ll be flaunting it in no time! The accumulation of dead skin cells can sometimes make the neck, elbows, knees and underarms appear darker. All you need is an effective exfoliator that will scrub dead skin and your concerns away. mCaffeine’s award-winning Coffee Body Scrub is crafted to polish dry skin, buff away dead skin and leave you with irresistibly soft and smooth skin. 

Reduces breakouts 

When pores get clogged with dead skin, oil, sweat, bacteria and dirt, the result is acne and breakouts. Your cleansers can only remove surface dirt and oil. To prevent dead skin and bacteria from entering your pores, exfoliating your skin with a coffee scrub at least twice a week is essential. Coffee contains chlorogenic acids (CGA), an antioxidant that helps fight acne. While scrubbing your face, pay special attention to your t-zone. This includes the forehead, nose and chin, as these areas tend to be oilier than the rest of your face. 

Repairs sun damage

Summer or not, slathering your skin with sunscreen is essential to protect it from the harsh UV rays. Staying out in the sun for too long or not reapplying sunscreen can lead to damage. If this sounds like a concern that’s bothering you, look no further than our coffee scrubs. Rich in antioxidants, Coffee Face Scrub aids in the repair of sun damage by tan removal. Additionally it also helps in buffing away blackheads & whiteheads that accumulate on your face over a period of time. Use it twice a week to gently exfoliate your skin focusing on nose, forehead and chin, after cleansing it with a Coffee Face Wash.

Deep cleanses scalp

Don’t limit your beauty routine to your skin. Your scalp needs equal attention during this time of the year. Excess oil, sweat and product buildup are the main causes of dandruff and itchy scalp. Did you know, if left untreated this may even hamper the growth of your hair? For the love of your precious hair, add our Coffee Scalp Scrub to your hair care routine right away. It is formulated with coffee particles to effectively remove flakes and buildup, that too in one wash!

These coffee scrubs have the solution to all your summer beauty concerns. Oh wait! If you’re wondering why you need different scrubs for face and body, then let us quickly tell you that these scrubs are crafted keeping in mind the sensitive nature of skin on your face as well as your body. Face scrubs are relatively gentler than body scrubs. Hence!

So, what are you waiting for? Bring them home today to experience the power of coffee. We promise you will be hooked in no time! 

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