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Paraben-Free Beauty Products: What Exactly They Mean

How do you feel when you enter a store to load up your skincare essentials?

Excited? Happy? Conscious? 

Apart from all the different emotions that you go through while picking out your best skincare partners, there is one emotion that everyone must agree on and that is confusion! Right? (We’re sure most of you are nodding right now.)

When you are surrounded by a plethora of claims, promises, celebrity faces, and oh-so-tempting packaging, getting the best skincare products can be a task. However, one of the easiest ways to choose the best skin care products is to look for Paraben-free products.

But before you start looking for those tags that say Paraben-free, you should know a little bit about Parabens and why your products are better off without them.

What are Parabens?

It’s common knowledge that before arriving on your house’s shelf, your favourite products have to complete an eternal journey from the manufacturer to you. To make sure that these products don’t become ineffective over a period of time, brands need to use preservatives to keep the products in their best state. The most common preservatives that brands use are Parabens such as ethylparaben, methylparaben etc.

So, if Parabens are required to keep the products fresh, then why should you look for something that doesn’t have them?

The reason is that Parabens can be harmful to your skin in the long term. As you use them continuously, Parabens penetrate your skin and get accumulated in the body over time. Research suggests that Parabens can have a bad impact on hormone function for women and also be the cause of reproductive disorders and breast cancer. Even men can suffer from degradation of sperm quality and reduction in testosterone levels. Apart from these concerns, some people might also have allergic reactions to Parabens such as redness, itching and irritation. 

Not just for you and your skin, Parabens also have adverse effects on the environment. They are harmful to marine life and can also damage coral. 

Based on what Parabens offer and what you risk for it, they are definitely not wise choices.

Are there alternatives for Paraben-infused products?

This question would not have had a great answer a few years ago. However, that’s not the case today. There’s a plethora of Paraben-free products available in the market. Due to increased awareness, people have started taking a keen interest in the products they use and that has led to the brands adapting their products as per their consumers.

When it comes to Paraben-free products, mCaffeine is one brand that has set great standards with products that are not harmful but only serve the purpose of making your skin healthy. It’s a gender-neutral brand with great products for skin. mCaffeine’s USP is that they use Coffee in their ranges. Coffee is considered a superfood and it is known to be a great ingredient for skincare. 

How to pick out the best products?

While there are brands with Paraben-free products, there are also the ones that still use Parabens as preservatives. So, you should be careful while choosing your personal care products. As mentioned earlier, one of the easiest ways to find Paraben-free products is to look for a tag that says, no Parabens or Paraben-free or 0% Parabens. Once you have found Paraben-free options, then you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

If you are still not sure about the products that you want to use, you can go for the most popular products. Products such as Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub and Naked & Rich Choco Body Butter from mCaffeine are great choices. They are Paraben-free and also trusted by lakhs of people.

While you are trying to consume a healthy diet and also incorporate exercises in your daily routine to stay fit, you must also be conscious about what you are feeding your skin. Not to mention, your skin is the largest organ in the body. So, it’s critical that you use products which are free from harmful ingredients, chemicals and especially Parabens. 

Hope this write-up will help you achieve your desired skincare goals and get you Addicted To Good!

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