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No More TAN-trums: Brews to Get Rid of Tan

Welcome to the summer season. Transitioning from skin drying and lazy mornings to a more proactive start to the day feels good, doesn’t it? What’s not to love about this sun-sational season? Everything! Until you realize that your beloved sun also brings along a guest that you definitely don't like - Tan!

If you just nodded your head in agreement, it means like most people you are here to learn how to get rid of tan.

But, before we get to that first let’s learn a little about tanning and its causes.

What is Tan?

When your skin gets darker than its natural colour, it's considered tanning. It can happen due to exposure to the sun for longer durations. When your skin tans, melanin (pigment) rises to your skin’s surface resulting in skin darkening. Tan also signifies DNA damage.

How to Get Rid of Tan?

One of the best ways to tackle skin tanning is by using Coffee in your skincare. Yes, you read that right! Apart from removing dead skin cells effectively, your favoruite ingredient can also get rid of tan effortlessly. Adding it to your skincare routine can up your summer skin game and how!

Before you run to the kitchen and start preparing tan removal home remedies with Coffee and get a messy paste that may not work, hear us out. Using the right texture and concentration of coffee is essential to tackle this issue. Therefore, we’ve found a few Coffee-packed brews just for you that effortlessly remove tan at home.

Coffee Body Scrub

Let’s start with your major area of concern - body tan and to deal with that you have at your disposal, India’s favourite Coffee Body Scrub. Loaded with Pure Arabica Coffee and Coconut Oil, this indulging scrub is something you can’t get enough of. More than 97% of subjects agreed that it helps in removing tan and dead skin. It has fine-sized Coffee particles that exfoliate and get rid of tan. It reduces cellulite & ingrown hair to reveal irresistibly smooth skin. The Coffee Body Scrub exudes an irresistible aroma of freshly ground coffee beans to leave you craving for more. 

Coffee Face Scrub

The sun isn’t partial, it tans your face just as much as your body. In fact, a little more when you don’t wear sunscreen. So, face it with the Coffee Face Scrub. It is a blend of skincare superfoods such as Coffee, Walnut, Vitamin E and Argan Oil. With its perfectly sized walnut and Coffee particles, this scrub exfoliates your skin to leave it smooth and free of tan & blackheads. This Caffeine-infused brew exudes the aroma of Pure Arabica Coffee to leave you feeling energized.

Coffee Face Mask

It’s a mask not to hide tan but to remove it. Coffee Face Mask gets rid of tan and cleanses pores to leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. With a blend of Coffee, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Cocoa, this mask also removes excess oil, dirt and impurities. It has a creamy texture and exudes the aroma of Pure Coffee that uplifts your mood. It leaves a cooling sensation after use that is comforting and de-stressing. Recommended to be used twice a week, Coffee Face Mask is your facial spa treatment that you deserve after a sapping work-week. 

Coffee Exfoliation & Tan Removal Kit

Everyone looks for a complete solution when it comes to skincare, and if you are looking for a proper routine for tan removal, then you can grab the Coffee Exfoliation & Tan Removal Kit. It has the Coffee Face Scrub and the Coffee Body Scrub. With Coffee at the core, this kit deserves a place in your skincare routine. Coffee is one of the best exfoliators and great for tan removal, and this kit has Coffee in abundance. There are also other ingredients such as Walnut and Coconut Oil that make this kit ideal for removing tan and dead skin.

With these Coffee-laden brews, tan will be a thing of the past. Add them to your skincare routine right away and experience the goodness of this superfood. It’s time to give up TAN-trums and embrace indulgent skincare!

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