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Know why coffee is the best exfoliator for your skin?


We all love how that first cup of coffee perks us up for the day ahead. And when consumed in moderation, coffee also has many health benefits to offer than just being a great stimulant Apparently, this wonder drink can do the same for your skin. When you use coffee topically on your skin, like in scrubs, it can do wonders for making it look alive because of its killer exfoliating properties. So if you are crazy about coffee, here are a few reasons to rejoice over its benefits as an exfoliator!  


A scrub to wake you up

Just like an espresso wakes you up, using coffee scrub will wake your skin up. Scrubbing coffee on the skin will make it look healthy and energized. The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant and enhances the circulation as you massage it over the skin. It works well to reduce puffiness and the scrubbing motions also reduce the swelling of tissues. A quick tip! Use this magic ingredient in a scrub blend and see the glow it adds to your skin.


Bring down the redness and inflammation

Delving deeper into the benefits of coffee for skin, you will be happy to know that it has got your back for acne and breakouts too. Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties, hydrocinnamic acid, and polyphenols, which work together to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. So, if you have skin that is oily and prone to acne, a natural scrub mix of coffee and sugar can be your best shot. Either, you can also use a coffee face scrub made from pure Arabica coffee and essential Vitamin E to perk up your skin. 


Reduce cellulite, scars and marks

It is time to show off your bold bods without any fear! Scrub off all your cellulite worries and go bare with coffee. Cellulite develops when fatty tissues press against the tissues under your skin’s surface makes skin look bumpy. But a good coffee ground mix with oil can be tough enough for cellulite and scars. Using a coffee body scrub will stretch the skin tissues and improves circulation to improve cellulite appearance.


A ‘Scrub off’ for happy feet

Coffee works great as an exfoliator to reduce dead skin cells because of its antioxidant properties. A coffee-infused scrub can help promote the growth of new skin cells leaving you with smooth and glowing skin. And why scrub only your face when your feet need that extra tough love too considering how dead and dry the skin gets over there. Scrubbing your feet with coffee foot scrub will help slough off all the dirt and dead skin and leave them feeling fresh and alive! 


The benefits of coffee are plenty and now that you know how amazing it works as an exfoliator for your skin, why not give it space on your skin too than just in your cup. Indulge in a variety of coffee scrubs from mCaffeine and enjoy the zesty aroma of coffee in your shower too! 

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  • This product is too good. My skin looks great and soft. I really like m caffeine product.

    Faraha Khan

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