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Kiss high-pigmented lips goodbye, at once!

What do you dread the most while smiling? Imperfect teeth? Yes! maybe but you do take care of your teeth daily and that is something that might not worry you. However, there is something else that can make you reluctant to express your joy in the best way possible and that is pigmented lips. It is something that goes unnoticed till the day you finally realize it.

If you ask, Smile is the most profound expression and nothing-repeating it again-NOTHING should ever make you reluctant to smile, especially something as fixableas pigmentation. 

But what causes it? 

Some of the common causes of lip pigmentation are excessive exposure to sunlight, lack of hydration and smoking. However, it can be dealt with easily with a superfood you are eerily familiar with and you even use it to kickstart your morning routine.

Well, you guessed it, Coffee & Caffeine! Coffee is a rich source of caffeine and it helps with lighting the colour of the skin. Coffee is also great for exfoliation and improves blood circulation making the skin look radiant and glowing.

Here, we will suggest a lip care routine loaded with your daily kickstarter to get you back flashing that killer smile without having to worry about your lips.


While everyone talks about body polishing, surprisingly, there is little talk around lip polishing. Let’s change that today. Lip polishing can be amazing for lip care especially if you do it with Coffee. Coffee Lip Polishing Oil is lightweight and gets absorbed quickly. With its rich caffeine content, it helps reduce pigmentation. Just massage it a little and leave it on for a few minutes to let it work its magic. 


One of the reasons that your lips might look a little darker is that you might have dead skin present. So, it’s necessary to get rid of all the buildup and nothing can be better than Coffee Lip Scrub for that. The scrub has Coffee and Natural Cane Sugar that gently exfoliate the lips.  So, apply the Coffee Lip Scrub twice a week to reveal fresh and plump lips.


As mentioned before, a lack of hydration can also lead to pigmented lips. So, it’s crucial to provide much-needed hydration and moisturization to your lips and Coffee Lip Balm is perfect for the same. You just have to rub it gently on the lips whenever you feel like it. It’s not just moisturizing but Caffeine present in it also helps with pigmentation.

Flaunt those aah-may-zingly kissable lips

This regimen is all you need to get healthy, soft and smooth lips free from pigmentation. You can also use Coffee directly for taking care of your lips. But hey! That’s exactly why we have got this routine for you which is hassle-free and you can follow it whenever you want. Let your lips dive deep into Coffee care and indulge in a caffeinating experience that leaves them feeling charged and fresh.

So from now on, smile more and spread joy and for pigmentation, you have your Coffee!

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