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Importance of hair wrap in hair care

Do you know that every one person out of three suffers from issues like hair fall and frizziness? Yes! It is that common. While you may be leaving no stone unturned to avoid all the hair woes, there are some trivial things that you might have missed out on. 

While a hair wrap comes across as a stylish hair accessory, it’s so much more than that! It  serves  as a great addition to the hair care regime. In this article, we will be sharing why you should include hair wraps in your hair care routine and how to use them correctly.

Why should you use hair wraps?

For the purpose of hair drying

Using a hair wrap made of microfiber is a great tool for hair drying. It cuts down the drying time in half and is extremely beneficial to prevent hair fall. The reason behind this is that firstly, regular towels have thick knots in which hair follicles may get stuck and break. Second, the towel fabric may cause friction when rubbed vigorously and lead to weakened cuticles.

Microfibres, on the other hand, are made with fibres that are one-fifth of human hair and are tightly packed together. This is the reason why top salons also use microfiber towels to dry your hair.

For all the right reasons, incorporating a microfiber hair wrap becomes a cherry on top in your hair care routine. Try our Microfiber Hair Wrap that is made of quick absorbent hair material. It helps in quickly drying your hair while you complete your morning errands. It is gentle on hair, prevents frizzy hair, and doesn't cause any hair damage. This hair wrap is very convenient to use as it comes with a loop and button to secure your hair in place, as compared to towel wraps.

Maintaining hair Style

Sleeping on cotton bedsheets may seem comfortable but in reality, it causes more damage to your hair than good. The reason is that the rubbing of hair against the fabric causes friction that results in frizziness and tangled hair. So if you have curly hair or got a hairstyle done, it will convert into a tangled, frizzy mess by morning. Sleeping with a hair wrap helps in preventing any friction and securing your hairstyle.

Retains natural oils

Our scalp produces natural oils that are important for the health of our hair. The sad truth is, they get lost when we are sleeping without any hair protection. Using a hair wrap or silk scarf can help in retaining these natural oils and prevent them from getting dry and damaged. Also, if you have applied hair oil and plan to leave it overnight, then it is advisable to secure it with a hair wrap as it would prevent any oil stains on your pillowcase or getting on your face that may lead to breakouts.

Prevents tangling

If you find your hair all tangled and messy when you wake up, blame it on yourself. Because when you move or shift sides while sleeping, your hair also naturally gets disturbed and it leads to tangled hair. Moreover, as mentioned above, friction with the bedsheet causes weakened roots and may result in hair damage.

The best thing you can do to avoid tangled hair is to wear a microfiber hair wrap or silk wrap while sleeping. Silk bed covers were used traditionally as it is extremely great for your hair. These are easy to wear and do not hinder your peaceful sleep.

Hair care

Not many people are aware of it, but you can conduct a hair spa at home if you have a hair wrap with you. Going to the salon and spending on expensive hair spas is not feasible and convenient for everyone, but a hair wrap is.

All you need to do is apply natural hair oil to your tresses like our Coffee Scalp and Hair Oil, which contains pure coffee extracts and then steam your hair with microfiber hair wrap. Next, dip the hair wrap in hot water, strain off the excess water, then cover your head with the hair wrap.

This way, the coffee oil will penetrate your scalp and strengthen roots and promote hair growth. The heat trapped in the hair wrap will steam your hair and promote blood circulation. Then you can wash it off with a gentle shampoo.

Promotes hair growth 

Hair wraps serve as a great tool for anyone suffering from hair loss. While sleeping, we tend to lose baby hair and this can be prevented by wearing a hair wrap at night. This not only prevents hair loss but also prevents damage from the external environment. This will result in boosted hair growth and will also improve the shine and texture of your hair. 

Protect your hair & keep ’em healthy

Hair wraps are easy to use and there are numerous benefits of wrapping hair. All you need to do is choose the best quality Microfiber Hair Wrap, cover your hair up , secure the button on the wrap, and you are good to go.

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