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Here's a beauty buffet for your lips like never before!

Let’s talk about our most significant assets that don’t lie ever! Oh no, no. We ain’t talking about Shakira’s hips. It’s LIPS we’re referring to! In recent years, lips have gotten some serious attention. Call it the-Angelina-effect or what, but these days everyone wants fuller, plumper, softer, smoother, pink lips. And believe us, it’s not just women, men are equally keen on puckering up to add oomph to their roguish smirk! 

Getting plumper lips isn’t that hard, maintaining them definitely is! And, the struggle is real! Because there are different reasons why lips get chapped, dark or dry. And, you certainly can not have just one chapstick for an answer against all the lip concerns. (Oh yeah! Believe us, we’ve done our homework quite well!)

If you truly desire a pair of amazingly attractive lips, then you need a reliable formula along with a perfect lip care routine that actually works. Aaaand, to make your life a billion times easier… tada! We've got a complete buffet of lip care. Just. For. You! All you have to do is, sit back and let us present to you mCaffeine’s freshly launched lip care range for kissable lips! 

The perfect pack of products for the perfect pout:

We studied the major concerns related to lips and we could boil them down to two bigggggg ones: 

  • Highly pigmented lips
  • Dry & chapped lips

But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! mCaffeine brings to you two mighty ranges of lip care products that’ll take care of them. One is Naked & Raw Coffee Range for highly pigmented lips and the other is Naked & Rich Choco Range for dry & chapped lips. Let’s take a quick yet detailed look at these. 

Naked & Raw Coffee Range

  • Coffee Lip Scrub

  • Caught up in a sensuous yet aromatic act, this scrub grinds itself on your lips and scrubs away all the dryness and pigmentation, flashing off soft & plush lips. It is enriched with a blend of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Natural Cane Sugar, and Coffee. It’s bittersweet aroma is sure to get you high, leaving you mesmerized!

    Takeaways: Exfoliates. Cures chapped lips. Reduces pigmentation. (Oh! This has got to be in your grasp!)

    Usage: Twice or thrice a week

  • Coffee Lip Balm 

  • Lip balm might be a classic, but this Coffee Lip Balm takes lip care to the next level! Give your lips a makeover with a ‘balmbastic’ look. It’s perfect balmy texture sinks in your lips and quenches their thirst like no other! Loaded with the goodness of Coffee Oil, Shea Butter & Vitamin E, this Coffee Lip Balm is sure to stay! And, here’s what: More than 95% of the subjects had moisturized lips for up to 24 hours after application. Aha! How about that? Now you can put the alarm in your head about putting on lip balm every hour, on snooze!

    Takeaways: Moisturizes chapped lips. Nourishes & smoothens lips. Reduces pigmentation.

    Usage: For everyday use. Can be used liberally.

  • Coffee Lip Polishing Oil

  • The next is the one not many people are aware of! Meet - the Coffee Lip Polishing Oil. This one rides the moisture wave and satisfies every inch of your lips with its touch. The lightweight and non-sticky formula packed with Coffee Oil, Shea Butter & Rosehip Oil. Let it glide on your lips once and it is sure to leave them with a glossy sheen you just can’t get enough of! 

    Takeaways: Reduces pigmentation. Moisturizes & hydrates. Leave lips with a sheen. 

    Usage: For everyday use. Can be used liberally.

  • Coffee Lip Sleeping Mask 

  • If lip care is your priority then definitely you need this one. Coffee Lip Sleeping Mask will leave your lips obsessed with its mere touch, from the very first night! Enriched with Coffee oil, Hyaluronic acid & Shea Butter, it’s blended aroma of creamy coffee and sweet butter will leave your senses tingling. So just slather some on your lips and wake up to soft, smooth, and revived lips. It is clinically tested where more than 95% of subjects who applied the Coffee Lip Sleeping Mask experienced significant improvement in lip moisturization and hydration for up to 24 hours after application. (something, you should definitely get your hands on!)

    Takeaways: Deeply hydrates. Repairs chapped lips overnight. Locks in moisture overnight.

    Usage: Use it every night

    Naked & Raw Choco Range

  • Choco Lip Scrub

  • When you choose to take care of your lips with Choco Lip Scrub, you choose to sinfully rope in your lips into an aromatic affair. It mildly exfoliates your lips and romances your pout with chocolate-y love, crowning your lips with a polished smile! Choco Lip Scrub is filled with the wholesomeness of Cocoa & Caffeine, Natural Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter & Sweet Almond Oil. 

    Takeaways: Gently exfoliates. Removes chapped & flaky skin. Leaves lips moisturized.

    Usage: Twice or thrice a week

  • Choco Lip Balm 

  • Welcome a chocolate-y kiss on your lips with this Choco Lip Balm. Scoop up and slather it down the lip lane. It’s deliciously balmy texture will hold your luscious lips in its embrace and deeply moisturize them to make them soft, supple, and irresistibly plump. This one is loaded with Cocoa & Caffeine, Cocoa Butter, Hazelnut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, the blended aroma of which is hard to resist! And oh we forgot to tell you that ‘100% of the subjects agreed that the product repairs chapped lips, helps retain moisture, smoothens and softens lips.’ Try to beat that!

    Takeaways: Heals dry & chapped skin. Deeply moisturizes. Nourishes & hydrates.

    Usage: For everyday use. Can be used liberally.

  • Coffee Lip Sleeping Butter

  • Your lips deserve some serious TLC and we can’t think anything but this Coffee Lip Sleeping Butter! Let us tell you why. This one showers intense love on your lips and gives complete attention to every inch of your pout and heals it, leaving behind a sweet, delectable scent with the base notes of rich butters. Enriched with Cocoa & Caffeine, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Murumuru Butter, Coffee Lip Sleeping Butter kisses you goodnight with a promise of healthy and plump-y lips. You can count on it as 100% of the subjects agreed that the product repairs chapped lips, retains moisture, smoothens, softens, moisturizes and heals dry lips. 

    Takeaways: Intensely Moisturizes & Nourishes Overnight. Heals Chapped Lips. Smoothens & Softens Lips.

    Usage: Use it every night

    Pampering your lips like never before! 

    So here’s the menu for your lips. Pick and choose or rather choose ‘em all to make sure your lips stay just like you desire. Get yourself Addicted to the goodness of this lip care routine that begins with a scrub, followed by lip balm and polishing oil. And, end your day with the lip sleeping mask or butter. Groom your lips beforehand, the Valentine’s is just around the corner! Just saying. Wink! Wink!

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