Hair care routine for men

20 Jan 2022
Hair care routine for men

Men, women, or others, regardless of the gender, your hair is the crown you never take off. While men have recently opened up to having a skincare regimen, hair care routine has always been a priority. But let us ask all you men, if you’re doing it right? Raise your hands, if you are confident that you have been taking care of your hair the right way. 

Whether you are looking to add more volume to your hair, trying to put a full stop to your hair fall worries or wish to have long hair, incorporating healthy hair practices can set it all right for you. .

In all honesty, devising a proper hair care routine isn’t a tough task. All you need to do is understand your hair concerns and follow a short and simple regimen to achieve the best hair look possible.

Step 1: Understanding your hair type & concern

To begin with, the most important thing to do before devising a hair care routine is to understand your hair type and concern. It is important to do so as it is helpful to pick the right hair care products.

A lot of people don’t know how to understand their hair type and we don’t blame them for it. Let’s quickly get that sorted so that you know your hair type:

  • Straight hair type: This is when you have absolutely straight hair without any sort of bend. Having straight type can be a blessing as well as a curse; it appears shiny and is smooth to touch. On the flip side, it gets oily super quick.
  • Wavy hair type: This is when you have slight bends on your hair strands, sort of a C shape. The con is that natural waves are not easy to maintain and hair fall is a common concern here.
  • Curly hair type: This is when there is an S shape in your hair along with a lot of volume. While it looks dense and amazing, curly hair type tend to be very dry and need extra love and care.
  • Coily hair type: Coily or kinky hair type is when you have extremely curly hair. You can identify coily hair easily as it forms spirals. If you have a coily hair type, you know your hair tends to get frizzy and is in constant need of moisturization.

Now that you know your hair type, you have to figure out a hair care routine and the products that would sit well with it. 

Step 2: Devising a proper hair care routine

Now that you are aware of your hair type and concern, here are the best hair care tips that you can follow to maintain a head full of healthy hair.

Everyday basics

  • Shampoo

A lot of men don’t shampoo their hair every day because they want to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom (disgusting and debatable, we know, but a general observation we can’t deny as well). Although shampooing every day is a personal choice, it is an absolute must if you have straight or wavy hair. These hair types tend to get oily quickly and so, everyday rinse with shampoo becomes a necessity.

If your regular shampoo is a bit harsh for you, we say you ditch that and switch to a gentle, hair-loving shampoo. We highly recommend you check out the Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo. It is the best natural shampoo and is safe to use on an everyday basis. It is also free from sulphates and silicons that can make your hair extremely dry.

  • Hair Serum

Whoever said that a polished and put-together look takes hours of effort, hasn’t been introduced to a hair serum yet. Using a Hair serum is one of the best hair care tips that you can incorporate in your routine, no matter what hair type. The Naked & Raw Coffee Hair Serum is a lightweight formula that can be used daily. Not that a serum is meant to be used on hair strands and not on the scalp.

  • Scalp Tonic

Your hair strands get all the nourishment from the hair serum, but what about your scalp? Using a scalp tonic post shampooing your hair can make a huge difference in your overall hair health. The Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Tonic is one of the best hair products to nourish your scalp and stimulate hair growth. You can spritz it every day either after shampooing or your workout to control the greasiness.

Weekly essentials

  • Hair Oiling

If you ask any hair expert on how to maintain hair naturally, you will get this answer- Hair oiling. It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, it is necessary to use natural hair oil at least once or twice a week to maintain a healthy hair life. Oiling your hair not only provides nourishment but also improves blood circulation.

If you are afraid and tired of using heavy and sticky hair oils, we recommend you try the Naked & Raw Coffee Hair Oil. With coffee oil, argan oil, caffeine, and redensyl as key ingredients, this one strengthens the hair, nourishes the scalp, and boosts hair growth.

  • Scalp Exfoliation

Our scalp has a lot more sebaceous glands and hair follicles as compared to the rest of the body. And this makes our scalp more prone to problems like oiliness, itchiness, and dandruff.

If you already use face scrubs and are familiar with the concept of skin exfoliation, it is time for you to meet your scalp’s new best friend- Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub.

Use a scalp scrub just like your face scrub; once a week and you will notice huge changes in your overall hair health and texture. Scalp exfoliation helps with the removal of excess oil, product buildup, dirt and grime, and dandruff.

  • Deep Conditioning

If you have straight hair, you don’t necessarily have to use a conditioner. But for curly hair, deep conditioning is key to achieve healthy hair for men. Deep conditioners are usually very expensive in the market but the good news is that you can use your regular conditioners as a replacement. After applying your regular Naked & Raw Coffee Hair Conditioner, wrap a warm towel or microfiber and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Rinse it off and you will notice how soft your hair looks afterwards.

There you have it, a perfect, no-fuss hair care routine for men of all hair types and concerns. Taking care of your hair is a healthy habit to adopt. Once you understand your hair type, you can easily follow these hair maintenance tips to groom your hair.

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