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Hair care regime if you exercise everyday

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must be aware of the fact that rigorous workout means sweat sweat sweat! While you have seen the sunny side of workout but if you think that excessive sweat will impact your hair health, then this one’s for you! If you  feel that to be in good shape you have to sacrifice the dream of good hair then let us tell you that that it is not true. 

We have curated some tips and tricks that will result in shiny and healthy hair along with your toned body. Here we are listing some pre and post-workout hair care for sweaty hair that will keep them clean and hydrated.

Pre-workout hair care

Dry shampoo

Wondering why we are recommending a dry shampoo pre-workout? Here’s the thing, using a dry shampoo prior workout helps in the absorption of any moisture and will prevent damage from sweat. There are multiple over-the-counter options for dry shampoos that are available and can be chosen according to hair type.

However, if you do not want to buy one, you can always make a DIY dry shampoo at home. For this, take 1 cup oatmeal powder and 1 cup baking soda. Mix both and apply this powder to your scalp with the help of a brush or your fingers and let it absorb. Both of these are natural ingredients and won't cause any damage to your hair.

You can also use some talcum powder as your dry shampoo. But you should avoid using a dry shampoo while your hair is already sweaty as it will result in a paste kind of formation when applied.

Style it right 

This is one of the most neglected parts when it comes to protecting your hair. Your hairstyle impacts the level of damage to your tresses. For chicas, oOpen hair and tight ponytails should be strictly avoided. For chicos with long hair, the same goes for you.

Now if you are wondering how to keep hair from sweating out during a workout, there are plenty of hairstyles you can consider. Girls, raids, buns and ponytails are some quick go-to hairstyles that you can try. And guys, you can rock a man bun if you have long hair. Also, you all can add a headband to absorb all the sweat from the session and will exhibit sporty charm as well.

Post-workout hair care


Shampoo & Conditioner

Keeping your scalp and hair clean post-workout is essential. Before you start showering, make sure to untie your hair for some time and let your body temperature come to normal. This will also help in the prevention of hair breakage. You should wash your sweaty hair after a workout with a gentle shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner. 

Make sure that both shampoo and conditioner are free from harsh chemicals and sulfates to prevent further damage. You can opt for the Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo and conditioner that is loaded with the goodness of coffee extract and argan oil to prevent hair fall and give your hair the  lost shine and softness. You can shampoo your hair on alternate days and the rest of the days, you can rinse them with tap water.

Revive with scalp scrub

A regular workout can result in bacteria, oil and dirt build-up on your scalp. Adding a natural scalp scrub with regular cleansing sessions will amp up your hair care game. For this, you can use Naked and Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub after shampooing your hair. It will deeply cleanse your scalp and remove 99.9% dandruff-causing microbes. Massaging the scalp with scalp scrub will also boost blood circulation and thus improve hair growth. You can use this once or twice a week depending on your hair type.

After wash care

The process of how to protect hair from sweat during a workout doesn't end with washing your hair and needs some love and care afterwards as well. Apply a gentle serum like Naked & Raw Coffee Hair Serum to damp hair. This is loaded with the goodness of coffee and will strengthen hair strands and manage frizzy hair, and argan and walnut oil will provide it with moisture.

You can also add our Coffee Scalp Tonic to your hair regimen after every hair wash and leave it overnight. This will help in providing overnight nutrition to your scalp and boost hair growth. Apart from these, avoid tying your hair post-workout and let it loose to improve breathability.

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, avoid styling and blow drying your hair. Exposure to heat after a wash can deteriorate the texture of your hair in the long run. Towel dry or air drying should be preferred. Also, you can apply hair oil once or twice a week on days whenever you plan to wash your hair. 

We hope these tips and tricks will help revive the lost shine and smoothness of your tresses and you will come to thank us later!

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