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Great Reads While You Face Mask!

Develop reading as a habit in a fun way.

A lot of us must be loving the screen time as that might be the only way left to escape this lockdown for some time. But turning to some books instead can help with your mental well being in a better way.

Those who are not into reading and want to try, here is something fun for you! Whether it's trying to read the epic classic from the past or even trying to develop a reading habit, it can all be made joyful by indulging in your favourite face mask while you read.

So, in an effort to make this a habit, we have narrowed down a few ideas on what type of book to pick that suits your mood while you layer that face mask!



For those who are new to the reading business and would want it short, try reading during your coffee break for a few minutes. Put on a yummy smelling face mask and start reading something easy that might stir something inside you and teach something.

We Recommend: Animal Farm, Tuesdays with Morrie... 


We know you love your screens. But now that they have transformed into your all-nighters, it is time you take the matter (Oops, An e-book!) into your own hands. Not just any book, but a book full of mystery! Slather on a hydrating face mask that would do all the water balance in your skin while you are busy unfolding the mysteries in the book.

We Recommend: Poems by Edgar Allan Poe and the evergreen ones by Agatha Christie  

For all you romantic fellas missing your special ones, try spending time with a classic romance while you cherish a blissful pampering session. Just apply a soothing face mask, run that online e-book platform, crack open your favourite one, and slide on in!

We Recommend: ‘Emma’ by Jane Auston, ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte 


Between all the lazy couch, sofa, bed, or sometimes even in a chair sleeping session, your energy is taking a hit. Bring back your enthu and read the biography of your ideal person. Choose an ideal platform like Kindle or Amazon books where you can easily find your pick. While you read through their life history and awaken your spirits, layer on some reviving face mask that would awaken your skin too!

We Recommend: Becoming, Michelle Obama  

So, instead of binge-watching TV shows all day, convert your screen time into something insightful by simply downloading that e-book and get reading while you mask!

These were the few ideas that could help to get you started and develop reading as a habit. Be it poems, short stories, or novels, reading should be felt joyful and not like an obligation. What’s more? Indulging in some self-care with Face Masking would surely make it more joyful.  

Let us know if you like this idea and the books that you are reading during the lockdown in the comments below.

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