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For the bold bods- A body polishing routine at home!

Let’s admit it, we all love some extra TLC once in a while. And who doesn’t love getting those spa body polishing sessions to get over the skin crimes that we commit in our daily lives? While we might not be able to take a spa every weekend but can surely take ‘at home’ body polishing session! A two-step routine that includes exfoliating and massaging can work wonders for your skin, even in your shower. 


1. Stimulates blood flow 

Both, exfoliating your skin and massaging it stimulates the blood flow in the skin. And this, in turn, helps to relax and revive your skin. Body polishing with just the right products and the right ingredients can leave your skin feeling healthier and smoother. And using a coffee and oil blend can surely help you with that. Scoop up and rub some coffee body scrub all over your body in circular motions and you will be left with a fresh and youthful glow all over.

Bold Tip!

On wet body, gently scrub this blend of coconut oil and coffee and let the caffeine work its wonders on your skin. Focus more on knees, elbows, and neck and get ready to beat the dullness.


2. Hydrates and locks moisture in the skin

A good scrubbing session definitely calls for drenching in the richness of body butter. And adding a good layer of moisturization to your skin after scrubbing will also make it penetrate deeper to make your skin soft and supple. Using a hydrating agent rich in fatty acids like cocoa butter on the skin hydrates the skin deeply, making it a wonderful remedy for dryness of the skin. 

With deep skin moisturization, slathering on some choco body butter will lock in the hydration in your skin to elevate your dull skin.

Bold Tip!

Keep dryness at bay by applying this rich choco body butter on your skin. Massage it gently and let the goodness of cocoa get absorbed deep in your skin.


3. Revives the skin

Your skin becomes dull, damaged and lifeless because of everyday lifestyle habits and our hectic lives. But a few steps at your home can help rejuvenate your tired skin. Along with some gentle scrubbing with natural ingredients, try massaging your skin with oil to add more healthy glow to your skin. An oil infused with coffee can help break cellulite and improve lymphatic circulation, making this polishing regime a more relaxing experience altogether.

Adding on to the nourishment is the zesty aroma rejuvenating you inside out and minus all the greasiness!

The benefits of polishing the skin are many and a combo of scrub and butter is all you need to revive your skin’s youthful glow. Just hit that reset button for your enticing skin in your shower and enjoy the comfort of body polishing at home in easy steps! 

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