Dark spots? No more a big deal

15 Oct 2021
Dark spots? No more a big deal

Excess exposure to the sun, popping pimples without realising, and using way too many cosmetics can do more damage to your skin than you can imagine. One visible harm they may cause is dark spots on the face or hyper-pigmentation. Although harmless – scars, spots, and tan marks, make your skin look uneven and are difficult to get rid of.

As much as you would like to avoid the sun and pollution, we know that modern-day lifestyle requires you to rush through all weathers to get things done. Tired of these stubborn marks, you might end up covering them with more make-up before heading out. But wait, additional chemicals can make matters worse! So, what can you do to not let these unwanted dark spots dull your confidence? We have the answers!

Dark spots in your skin can be caused by several factors like:

  • When a pimple or patch of psoriasis clears.
  • When a wound caused by an insect bite, cut, burn, or other injury heals and leaves some spots.
  • When you take (or apply) certain medications and they impact your skin.
  • When a skin or hair care product irritates your skin and reacts.
  • When there are changes due to hormones in your body.

Remember dark spots are completely normal and they're nothing to be ashamed of.

Here is a specially curated guide for you to make the dark spots on your skin and your worries fade away.

  1. Use Exfoliators
    Essentially, exfoliation refers to the use of chemicals or granular exfoliators on the skin to break up the dead skin cells, allowing the cleaner skin layers to surface. It is as important as cleansing the skin (just not as often).

    You can either use a gentle chemical exfoliator or a physical one. The former is a formulation of gentle acids which remove the damaged, upper-layer of the skin. This reveals the well-toned layers, leaving you without any dark spots on your face. Often, chemical exfoliators consist of the following ingredients:
    - Azelaic Acid
    - Glycolic Acid
    - Salicylic Acid
    - Alpha Hydroxy Acid

    Don’t let the names of these chemicals intimidate you as exfoliators with these components can be easily bought and work great.

    Even the physical exfoliators can work wonders for your skin. Plus, they do not imply complex chemical action on your skin and suit almost all skin-types. They are granular scrubs that can help open up the pores where germs and dirt might be stored. Once your skin is free of all the impurities, you can follow up with a Vitamin C-based moisturizer for maximum protection. By far, their use has proven to be quite effective as a dark spot treatment. Try the crown favourite Naked and Raw Coffee Face Scrub for great results.
  2. Reverse Damage Caused by the Sun
    Sun-damage has been affecting most skin types for ages now. It not only damages the appearance of your skin but also causes redness and irritation. Fortunately, there are some magical ingredients which you can find right at your home to fight the harm caused by the sun's UV rays. Some of them include tomatoes, yogurt, and papaya.

    Tomatoes can be your most-trusted companions when it comes to dark marks on face home remedies. They contain lycopene which is believed to help reduce the skin irritation caused by UV rays. You can both consume the tomatoes with olive oil or simply apply the tomato juice on your face every day and let it work.

    As for yogurt and papaya, both of them work as nature’s chemical exfoliators for your skin. They contain alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which fights discoloration and spot formation due to ageing.

    They are safer as compared to over-the-counter exfoliators as they do not have chemicals that may, at times, rid your skin of moisture along with its dead cells.
  3. Make your own Scrub
    If you are skeptical about the commercially available scrubs, we would advise you to carefully go through the ingredients of all products and choose only the ones which seem safe to you.

    Some of the best scrubs out there use coffee, sugar, almond and walnut granules. All of them are combined with a soothing base of almond oil or honey to keep skin-inflammation at bay. While these scrubs are easily available online and offline, you can also combine your preferred ingredients to make them at home!

    Skin discoloration is normal and can happen to individuals of all skin types. Mostly, it is harmless and can be corrected with a little more self-care than usual. However, if the problem persists and you do not feel at ease with your skin anymore, you should visit a dermatologist. They may prescribe you dark spot treatments such as laser or peels, use of retinoid solutions, and application of serums containing hydroquinone on your skin. All of these methods are equally effective but may burn a hole in your pockets.

    Hence, now that you are aware of the hassle-free ways to bring your skin back to life, keep your exfoliating and soothing solutions handy!
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